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Why not? A gift has only the meaning that the people involved give to it. A book (or almost anything else) can have a much deeper meaning in a relationship than even a wedding ring. And depending on the occasion, a piece of jewelry, like a classic watch can be something really wonderful and commemorative. If your friend is getting married, got a long-awaited promotion, had a child, or did something else that warrants a major congratulations, absolutely go ahead with jewelry.

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Q: Is it proper for a man to give jewelry as a gift to someone he is just friends with?
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Will jewelry acquired during a marriage in Illinois be considered marital assets?

If the jewelry was given as a gift, no. The jewelry belongs to the recipient of the gift. If the jewelry was bought for yourself, it belongs to you.

How send Jewelry gift to china?

You can use online gift site like to send gift like flowers, Jewelry and other gift s at any corner of the world.

What are good Christmas gifts to get your teen friends?

jewelry is all i know. From bs96bs: You can get them a game for a system or maybe itunes gift cards, clothes, gift cards, sprays, sport stuff

How do you give a friend a human gift in the MySpace app own your friends?

It is under the buy friends tab. You have to own the person to give them a human gift. You have to have the person as a friend that you want to give the human gift to. Then under the 'buy friends' tab you can send your friend a human gift (must be someone you own).

What is the symbolic meaning of jewelry box as a gift?

jewelry box symbolism

What is a good birthday gift to give my boyfriend's mother?

A really nice smelling candle, that is always a great gift!

What is the proper amount to spend on a friends birthday gift?

The proper amount depends upon your financial status. If you can afford it, there is no upper limit to how much you could spend.

What is the proper gift for a baptism?

Personalized Christian bracelets and jewelry, home decor, picture frames and wall art, and beautifully adorned Bibles and Crosses.

What is a good gift for a 12 year old girl?

From experience that I have had with my friends they love lotion, perfume, jewelry, cloths, money, and gift gards... From aropostle, holister, pretty much anywhere at the mall.:)

Is there a special set that would work as a best friends jewelry set?

A friend locket would be a great choice for a frienship jewelery gift.

Is jewelry a good present from a child to a mother?

Any gift from a child to a mother is a good gift! So yes jewelry is great.

If a friend gives you a gift do you have to give it back if you no longer remain friends?

If someone gives you a gift on Howrse you can choose whether or not to return the gesture.

What to get someone for their tenth anniversary?

The traditional gift for 10 years is tin or aluminum. However, the modern gift is diamond jewelry. Wikipedia search "wedding anniversary" and scroll down a bit.

Care For Your Jewelry?

A very common purchase, made by millions of people each year, is to purchase new expensive jewelry for themselves or for someone else as a gift.� While the jewelry can be an excellent gift, it can be very expensive to replace if it is lost, damaged, or stolen. � To ensure that you are able to replace the jewelry, you should purchase jewelry insurance.� Jewelry insurance is a separate insurance policy, which can normally be purchased as an additional rider to your home insurance policy.� This policy will cover replacement of the jewelry if it is lost, stolen, destroyed, or damaged.

Should you give a gift of thanks for a gift?

A card is sufficient otherwise that person would have to send you a gift and it would never end. A hand written Thank You note is the proper response for someone who has taken the time to remember you and send you a gift .

What is the best birthday gift for your sister?

I think best gift would be piece of jewelry.

Does jewelry television allow you to have items gift wrapped?

Yes, some jewelry television do allow gift items to be wrapped. They want people to be as satisfied about their service as possible, so the gift wrap items.

How can you use the word jewelry in a sentence?

I collect jewelery.I like the jewelry you're wearing.She likes gold jewelry but he thinks silver is more proper.The jewelry around her neck compliments her dress.Rings are typically a more expensive type of jewelry.A very stereotypical gift for a woman is jewelry.Jewelry is something a lot of people do not buy for themselves.Bracelets are a common type of kids jewelry.Too much jewelry can clash easily.Jewelry is often an object that is stolen.You can find jewelry in departments stores with a lower price.There are many varieties of choices.

What is a proper gift for someone going to the military?

Something useful that can be used daily, such as camouflage bedding sets that have army style.

What can you do if you like someone but they don't like you?

You can get them a gift or hang around their friends and kind of force them into your "group". This always works for me.

What do you do if someone promises to give you a gift and they do not give you your gift after all?

Then you are disappointed. That's it. No one owes someone else a gift. A gift is a gift and not an obligation.

Do you give a gift to someone who elopes?

Traditionally it is not expected of friends or family to get gifts for a couple that elopes. However, if a person feels so inclined, it is perfectly acceptable to send a gift.

What are some good homemade gift ideas for your best friends?

i would say make a picture frame then a picture of u and them in it, or if its for a girl make a cool peice of jewelry, or this is what i do for alot of my friends boys and girls make a friendship bracelet.

What gift did the Charites give Pandora?

necklaces and other jewelry

What is a good hand made Christmas gift?

Jewelry is nice