Is it proper to wear pink to a funeral?

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People need to dress in such a way that respects the dead person and his or her family. Another point of view: These days it is much more acceptable for people to wear more colorful clothing to a funeral, just as people are now wearing jeans to church. While I wouldn't wear anything that isn't appropriately modest for the occasion, and although I personally prefer to wear darker, more conservative clothing to funerals, I wouldn't think less of a person who wore pink to one. It's just a matter of personal preference. A Third Point of View: To wear pink, or any other pastel or bright color - the colors of rejoicing - to a funeral would be an effective way to communicate to those present that you are delighted at the death of their loved one. It would be hard to imagine anything in worse taste. MY opinion: -if you want to impress someone you have to think in two ways: 1. black and conservative or 2. trendy and stylish so wear a black sexy dress and add your own touches such as add a cardigain or a cute dark belt that way to a stylish and not wearing pink
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What is proper funeral etiquette?

Some basic rules for funeral etiquette: . Most important is to show up, it shows you care. . Be dressed properly, suit, dark colors, this isn't a party. . Proper demeanor. Again, this isn't a party. Voice low, don't monopolize the bereaved.

What do you wear to a funeral?

For men, a dark suit, nice shoes (not sneakers, leather preferably) and a plain tie, preferably dark colored. For women, a dark dress, not too tight and not short, high heels if you can use them, nylons, and some churches request that women wear a hat or scarf. For both men and women, remember ( Full Answer )

What is the proper Hindu funeral etiquette?

1. Dress-code. In Hindu tradition one dresses down for a funeral.The traditional colour of mourning is white so one should attend acremation dressed in simple white clothes - the close femalerelatives should have their hair loose - not tied back. 2. Impurity. Everything associated with death and dyi ( Full Answer )

Is it proper for a son or daughter to wear their military service dress at a parent's funeral?

Answer Absolutely, as long as the parents respected and supported the child's choice to enter. If the parents were against the child's entry into the service, it is highly innapropriate. Answer I don't see why not. Maybe that person is extremely proud of his or her uniform and they are hoping tha ( Full Answer )

What is proper etiquette at a Sikh funeral?

At a Sikh funeral, after cremation, guests are to return to thefamily's home. Prayers are read and hymns are sung. Neighbors andfriends are expected to prepare a meal for the family of the Sikhand afterwards, everyone is expected to bathe, in order to cleansethemselves.

What should you wear to a funeral?

You should wear a black (or gray) skirt and blouse or a dark gray or black dress. For your shoes wear black heels or sandals

What do Jewish people wear to a funeral?

There are no rules on what to wear to a funeral but it is customary to dress up in a modest way (no shorts / mini skirts and no sleeveless shirts) Most Jewish people will wear dark colours at a funeral.

What is the proper Buddhist funeral etiquette?

Here is an example of a Buddhist ceramony; . A funeral is an opportunity to cement social bonds and to revitalize the Japanese economy through vast expenditures on wall-to-wall lilies and lacquered mortuary tablets. Funeral participants-customers, co-workers or students of family members and member ( Full Answer )

What do Sikhs wear to a funeral?

Any dress is acceptable as long as it is decent. The family of the deceased puts on white color clothes.

Can you wear a hat to a Catholic funeral?

It depends on your gender. Woman are allowed if not encouraged to cover their heads in a Catholic church and therefore may wear hats or veils appropriate to the occasion. This goes as well for when at the cemetery. Men must remove their hats out of respect to God when in a church and when on hall ( Full Answer )

What can men wear to a Sikh funeral?

Basically wear a white shirt and can wear a black pants.Need a white cloth(hanker chief)to cover the head. . ANS#2: NOTHING FORMAL IS REQUIRED. .

What is the proper attire for Jehovah witness funeral?

A JW funeral is considered a congregational meeting by JW's. So the dress that we wear to that is no different than any other meeting. We normally wear a suit and tie or dress shirt and tie, dresses or skirts, etc. Some may not own a tie, so a clean presses shirt will sometimes be seen at a meeting. ( Full Answer )

What do you wear to a funeral viewing?

Go to Hot Topic and buy anything that has black lace all over it.. Black pantyhose(if yer a chick). Black dress. Black hat thingy. black shoes. black black black. unless you want to be cool and wear like bright pink

What should children wear to a funeral?

For small children the most important consideration should be that it be comfortable to wear. The situation is already strange and uncomfortable enough for them without their clothes adding to the problem. For older children you can think of something more formal; but it doesn't have to be dress sui ( Full Answer )

What do you wear to a Buddhist funeral?

Buddhism has adapted to different cultures in different places; it did not start out with any particular rituals around death -- since it was an anti-ritual sort of religion. However, different cultures have different customs. If attending a funeral of an American Buddhist you should wear what Ameri ( Full Answer )

What do females wear to Sikh funeral?

Females should wear a light colored Indian styled suit to a Sikh funeral. (Preferably white) And remember to cover your head! IMPORTANT TRADITION ALL SIKHS MUST COVER THEIR HEAD TO SHOW RESPECT IN THEIR HOLY PLACE.

What do Buddhists wear to a Buddhist funeral?

The Buddha did not prescribe any rules for this, and so it variesfrom country to country. However, it is common for Buddhists towear white clothes to funerals.

What do you wear to a Muslim funeral?

You can wear anything that is not flashy or revaling. Maybe cut down on the jewllry and loud lipstick. something very simple

What is proper attire at a Jehovah's witnesses funeral?

That is a matter of personal choice and circumstances. Most of the witnesses who are there will be wearing typical dress clothes like dress shirts, ties, khakis, or suits, and dresses. But often people who are not witnesses who are coming to the Kingdom Hall for the first time wear their typical str ( Full Answer )

What do you wear to a Jewish funeral?

It is also used in Jewish funerals to go with black clothing. However, this can not have other bright colour or flowers on them, as these indicate happiness. It is best to wear clothing that is simple, and doesn't have much neckline or transparencies. Children, however, may go with everyday clothing ( Full Answer )

What is the proper Christian funeral etiquette?

Quiet. Pay attention when someone is speaking . Bow your head when people are praying. Let the person officiating or the funeral directoe guide you, especially in a strange place.

Why do Hindus wear white to funerals?

White is associated with spirituality, truth and above all Purity. So, it is somewhat related to all sacred things. Hence all wear white to show respect for the departed on the occasion. Hindus believe that after a person is dead his soul is at peace and is free from all material and worldly des ( Full Answer )

Why do Hindus wear white at funerals?

okay basely if you are wearing black you are sending off bad energy to the dead body that is in the room , white sends off good energy , wearing black is against the religion but no one really nows because the stupid Christan people tired to change the Hindu belief

When a person wears yellow to a funeral?

It probably means that they wanted to wear something that looks nice in order to honor the deceased and their family, and that was their choice. The old rules are changing. Look to people's hearts, not to what they wear. It gives better results.

Why can't you wear white to a funeral?

No real reason, but normallyt he costume of Mourning is black- however one wears a white shirt with a Black or even Navy Blue suit jacket- so there is already some contrast. White garments ARE often worn by the deceased, a classic example being Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, who was given a wh ( Full Answer )

What do Africans wear to their funerals?

depending on where in Africa you go and what culture you going too but most modern African families dress in a western culkture in other words normal clothes this answer will also vary when it comes to different churches you will find that some churches wear a certain unifor but otherwise we dress n ( Full Answer )

What should a teen wear to a funeral?

To be respectful, a girl should wear a black dress. In the winter,she could wear black tights, and a cardigan with it. A guy wouldwear a suit, or if he doesn't have one, dress pants, a collaredshirt, and a tie.

What do you wear at a funeral?

For a guy, a suit coat, white long sleeve shirt and nice pants with dress shoes, a belt and maybe a tie. For a girl, wear a black dress or a white shirt and longer black skirt with nylons, nice shoes (if possible, not heels) and maybe a simple necklace. You will want to a gray/black/white theme ( Full Answer )

What is proper etiquette at funeral for baby who has died?

It is always sad to attend the funeral of a baby. The etiquette is the same for a baby's funeral as for an adults. The family may wish to go to the grave site alone and if that is the case the Minister/Priest will announce it at the service.

What do Romans wear to funerals?

Ordinary citizens were dressed in a white toga(men) or stola (women). At the funerals of important people the officers of state wore their ceremonial robes.

Why do you wear red to a Chinese funeral?

Chinese traditionally wear white clothes at funeral, nowadays they also wear black in such occasions. The color red is for happy events, especially for weddings and other celebrations.. The burial of the dead is a very serious matter in Chinese societies. Improper funeral arrangements can cause bad ( Full Answer )

Which cultures wear red to funerals?

Last fall I saw the body of a local celebrity, a female Judge- who was laid out in a very formal type of Red Dress, and she had a blonde wighat. It should be noted that various shades of Red were associated with- in the German armed forces color scheme: the Judiciary, Justice officials, Artillery, t ( Full Answer )

Is it okay to wear jeans to a funeral?

No, unless it is the funeral for a cowboy or a cowgirl. He or she would more than likely be buried in jeans (with boots ON), so the attendees would not 'out-of-place' in that case.

Is wearing a white tie to a funeral?

In some countries, you should. In Sweden, the closest relatives tothe deceased traditionally wear a white tie. That is, children,parents, husband, wife or siblings. Others traditionally wear blacktie.

What did Egyptians wear in funerals?

Egyptians did not wear anything different from everyday wear. They didn't have funerals, either. When someone died, they just took them and buried them away from their village.

Why do you wear black to funerals?

because funurals are obviousley a sound and mournful time and black alone can be a very sad color because of how dark it is

What do children wear to a funeral?

I think that children can wear whatever they wish, but it shouldn't be all yellow and happy if everyone else in the family is wearing black...

Can you wear shorts to a funeral?

No. It is disrespectful and not the place to wear them. A funeral is like church where you wear an appropriate outfit.

What to wear to a noon funeral?

Unless the surviving family have requested otherwise, traditional business attire is appropriate - nothing bright or flashy. Muted charcoals, combinations of dark skirt or slacks, and white blouse, with a Navy Blazer is appropriate for women. For men, the same schemes are appropriate - charcoals, na ( Full Answer )

What is the proper way to place a funeral pall?

A coffin pall can vary in type, style and meaning. Some are adorned with symbols, such as a crucifix, a veterans honour, etc., or may be a national flag. In this description, imagine standing at the foot of the coffin, with the deceased's head pointing towards the altar. If you were placing a ( Full Answer )

Can you wear a puletasi to the Tongan funeral?

No, it is inappropriate attire. Wear black or dark clothing to showrespect. I guess You can get away with it if you are not related orjust a friend of a friend going to a funeral outside Tonga say,Australia, NZ or USA or elsewhere. Hope that helps.

Why do you wear pink?

because if you wear pink it helps make a cure for the woman that has breast cancer

What is proper funeral etiquette for a military funeral?

The funeral service for a deceased member of the military must follow strict rules and guidelines. Some of these guideline are the draping (covering) of the casket with the flag, the folding of the flag performed by an honour guard, saluting of the casket by members of the armed forces and the form ( Full Answer )