Is it proper to wear pink to a funeral?

People need to dress in such a way that respects the dead person and his or her family. === === These days it is much more acceptable for people to wear more colorful clothing to a funeral, just as people are now wearing jeans to church. While I wouldn't wear anything that isn't appropriately modest for the occasion, and although I personally prefer to wear darker, more conservative clothing to funerals, I wouldn't think less of a person who wore pink to one. It's just a matter of personal preference. To wear pink, or any other pastel or bright color - the colors of rejoicing - to a funeral would be an effective way to communicate to those present that you are delighted at the death of their loved one. It would be hard to imagine anything in worse taste. MY opinion: -if you want to impress someone you have to think in two ways: 1. black and conservative or 2. trendy and stylish so wear a black sexy dress and add your own touches such as add a cardigain or a cute dark belt that way to a stylish and not wearing pink