Is it real love when there's trust?


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Just because you trust someone does not mean you love them. But, if you love someone you trust them.

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A real relationship exists when there is mutual love, respect, and trust. Real relationships can be romantic or platonic.

The real way is to show him your love for him...... If he still does not love you then it is not meant to be.......... Trust me....... I am a boy

just give him the trust and if he takes advantage of it then he doesn't love you.

I personally rather a child love me but when theres love theres respect.

1 commitment 2 trust 3 respect 4 love

You should trust your partner! trust is one of the most important signs in a relationship but if he was not trust worthy theres no point being with him/her

You should trust people as you love them

The duration of In Love We Trust is 1.92 hours.

she either means she loves you like for real or it means she love you as a friend trust me i say that a lot

It's not possible... Trust me i know. I've lost someone I love so much. Feelings change theres nothing you can do. If you want to talk more add me on myspace.

It depends on the kind of love you are reciting to. The foundation of lasting love is trust, without that everything else will eventually crumble. And trust has to be gained. But love also has no real boundries, more or less what your feeling is lust, infatuation, or simple "puppy love". Get to know them, and I wish you all the best.

You're suppose to trust them automatically, if you love them.

You can't have true love without trust

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There is no bargaining with trust and love. If you love someone then trust is part of it. Two people in love always have to trust each other with good communication skills so they know each of them are also best friends and can tell each other anything and it makes love and trust essential. When one breaks the bond of trust love flies out the door!

To get a dog to trust you, love it.

Because you may not always trust the person you love but you can always love the person you trust. Simply because if you are in love with some you don't trust then the relationship fails but if you fall in love with someone you do trust then relationship will most likely succeed.

Without trust there can be no love, no friendship. On acquaintance and lust.

Every girl is different theres no way to tell what will impress one certain girl but trust me they LOVE chocolates and flowers and stuffed animals.Or you can try this gives her 11 real roses then 1 fake one and say i will love u till the last one dies that might work.

depending on the person you are you can love someone if you don't trust them but it will be hard.

The only proof to love is trust.

theres no real answer but caca

you just gotta trust him. if he loves you theres no need for you to prove it because hes going to have to prove it to you since its his feelings. and love is love either way if youre the one trying to prove he loves you then its a sign of trust issues between the two of you. love has to have trust between the both of you for it to be able to work out. hes the only one that will have to prove it because it is his feelings. you know the loves still there if your gut tells you its there. also his body language will tell you as well. you just gotta trust your instinct.

1.Who do you love? 2.who do you trust with everything? 3.Do you love me? 1.Who do you love? 2.who do you trust with everything? 3.Do you love me?

In my opinion, love and trust are two very complicating things to describe, much less tell what they are With love, you need trust, but I believe you can trust someone without loving them, it'd just be very very hard, from what I know. The people that I do trust, I love, but I do have a friend that I can't trust any secrets with but I love her anyways. Trust: being able to let your guard down around that person- someone you can tell anything to Love: where you care about someone, and accept their faults.

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