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Is it really possible to find cheap cars through government repo auctions?

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July 17, 2015 5:47PM

The previous answers needlessly discourage people from ever buy government repo cars. But the truth is you can find some of the best cars for excellent prices at government auctions. and they do sell the cream of the crop. True, police auctions tend to have not the best cars, but federal agencies (like Marshals and Secret Service) sell really nice high end and relatively new vehicles. Also, almost all government auctions will allow you to preview, inspect, and examine the cars prior to the auction.

Sure, but what are you getting? Don't you think that they have already taken the cream of the crop before the auction?

If you are really interested in auctions, I would STRONGLY suggest that you do not pay anything up front and that you inspect the cars before you bid on them, know its book value value and your limit. What if it needs a new engine or transmission? Would the price and aggrevation be still worth it?

Though purchasing from government repo auctions can save you money, the quality of the cars are not that great. I suggest that you check out more car auctions or classifieds and search for the car that you desire. If you are thinking about budget, you can also use online free car advertisings and compare used car values and cars pricing. This way you can get the specific model of the car that you desire and you can also choose which would fit your budget.