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Is it reasonable for a family friend to look down on you because he believes you enlisted in the service to avoid the real world when you didn't?



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First of all, it's not "reasonable" for any friend to "look down" on you...especially a family friend. And secondly, as one who's "been there and done that," the world doesn't get much more real than what you can potentially be exposed to in the service. Remember, only you can be the judge of whether the decisions you make in life are good decisions for you or not. If that's how your friends treat you, you need new friends! Before any young man or woman enlists in the service they should do their homework and decide if their life is worth giving for the cause. So far there has been propoganda (in every war), lies, deceit and the facts are not clear. It's just about your life, but the people around you that love you and they want you to be save and will worry about you. This war is like no other. It's fought in hot temps, no cover, all desert, bombings, air attacks not to mention gases. Even if a young man or woman makes it home they can be psychologically damaged for many years to come or may never get over it. Without men and women such as this our countries wouldn't be safe, but at least be sure this war is worth giving up a large part of your life or perhaps your life. President Bush is losing ground and only 23% of Americans back him. If you put a lot of thought into it, did your homework and want to join the armed forces then that is your decision and do the best you can. I think that friend of your family just cares enough about you to worry about you not coming back in one piece so I wouldn't be too hard on this person. If you decide to go then may God walk beside you. I'm not sure the questioner was asking about either "this war" or "President Bush." Rather, I believe the question is about the reasonableness of being criticized negatively (i.e., "being looked down upon") by a purported "friend" for a decision that one makes concerning one's own life. Good friends may discuss your choices with you, they may even say that they don't agree, but good friends don't criticize you personally, and they certainly don't "look down on you" because they don't happen to agree with the choices you make. From the question I did assume that this person was talking about this war or they would have said otherwise so one can only assume they mean what is going on now. If they were asking about wars in general I would assume they would have stated as such.