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Is it right for your ex's girlfriend to be the one to discpline your child and constantly babysit your child on his visitation days?


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September 27, 2005 7:24AM

This is such a difficult question to answer because if the custody are on days he is working, then his girlfriend would have to look after the children, and if the child is having difficulties with seeing their father with his girlfriend the child may well need some guidelines in their home. She has no right to spank, slap or physically touch your children, but does have the right to be stern and put her foot down if your child is being unruly. If your ex has the child and it's his day off, then he should have 100% responsibility on the days he wanted with your child. If he is working those days, then go back to court and only let him have the children on his days off or on his vacation time and request from the judge that he has 100% responsibility. It is hardly fair to expect his girlfriend to look after the children. She is probably a pretty decent woman, so put yourself in her place. Your ex is to blame for this one! She's doing her best. See that judge! Good luck Marcy