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Is it safe for a 10-year-old ADHD child to take Adderall xr Strattera and Abilify all together?



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Our experiences would lead me to say "I wouldn't recommend it... especially for children." Here's why: My then 11 yr. old son was taking Focalin (no complaints abt. the focalin) & Abilify (OMG!) for about a year. The Dr. dropped the Focalin but kept the Abilify. During that year, he was urinating on himself during the day w/o realizing it (2-3 times a day sometimes!) & bed-wetting. He was subjected to tests, ultrasounds, and had been subjected to an unnecessary surgery. All they needed was to simply test my son's blood sugar to find out it was astronomically high! Within 2-3 wks. of removing the Abilify, he'd quit wetting himself. Then he was given Strattera, which lasted less than 2 wks., due to my son waking one night complaining of chest pains. His heart was racing & blood pressure escalated so I rushed him to the E.R. where we were told to discontinue the meds immediately. So, please watch your child carefully and DEMAND that the prescribing physician tests your child's blood sugar levels & liver (while taking abilify) at least every 6 mths. Please be careful!