Ectopic Pregnancy

Is it safe if you had an ectopic pregnancy and a tube removed but a month later you think you are pregnant again?


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2008-04-24 01:53:41
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It is safe yes, but you need to see your doctor as soon as you suspect pregnancy.


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If your fallopian tubes were cut and tied, there is no way you can get pregnant. If you experienced an ectopic pregnancy and did not have your tubes tied again, there is the possibility that you could again get pregnant.

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I had an ectopic pregnancy back in December of 2008 and now i found out i am pregnant again...i am absolutely terrified because im having pains in my left side again, (i never had the tube removed they just gave me methotrexate). Its been almost a year and when i would menstrate that side would hurt all over again too. Could this be a normal pregnancy?

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Certainly! An ectopic pregnancy is not a condition that affects your reproductive organs such as endometriosis. You have a 1 in 2 chance of conception if you had no problems prior to your ectopic pregnancy. About 60% conceive successfully after an ectopic pregnancy and about 30% choose not to try conceiving again. If you do conceive successfully after having an ectopic pregnancy, it is important to notify your doctor at the first visit of this so that he/she can pay special attention to any warning signs and help you and your baby have a successful future pregnancy.

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Someone who had an ectopic pregnancy is at higher risk for another in the future, but many women go on to have a uterine pregnancy after ectopic.

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