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Strattera is non addictive so there would be no withdrawal symptoms. I want to answer this question with a question. Why would you want to withdraw this medication for two days?

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Q: Is it safe or advisable to allow a child to miss 2 or more daily doses of Strattera?
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Can you combine Xanax and Strattera?

I am not a doctor of any means but I do take strattera and xanax daily. I would guess it would depend on your means for the medications.

Can excessive use of benadryl to make an 8 month old baby sleep on a daily basis be harmful or even deadly?

It is certainly not advisable to give benadryl daily to make a child sleep.

Can daily Strattera usage create a false positive result for methadone on urine dip?

yes i just took one and i had a flase positive for methadone and i have been on a 80mg dose of strattera for a few years

Can you combine Strattera and Ritalin?

It is really a question for your psychiatrist. However I hav heard of ppl taking both and being ok. (they may need a short acting stimulant to get them through the last part of the day. But strattera should be a once daily med...)

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Is 50mg or more of Strattera a day a high dosage for an eight year old?

I have an 8 year old that weighs 60lbs and takes 30mg of strattera. Her psychiatrist said this is the maximum dosage she could safely take at her weight. HI, mY CHILD HE IS 10 YR. OLD AND WEIGHS 125pound and takes 60mg of the strattera. He is dx of Aspergers but with alot of stress from school. put on strattera to help his focus/attention span and his coping of school/stress situation. He has headaches off and on in the back of his head. He is scheduled for a catscan next week. Headaches started since school and start of Strattera. been on it almost 5 months now. he says he don't like the pill and he don't want to take it. but it has helped his emotional reactions as he is more controlled since been on it. You have to know how much your child weighs. In children, the starting dosage of Strattera is calculated according to the formula: 0.5mg atomoxetine (Strattera) / 1kg body weight daily. During a period of 3 days or more, dosing is gradually increased up to 1.2mg to 1kg body weight. Larger dosages are said to be useless. If you are accustomed to pounds, you may easily convert pounds to kilos. One pound approximately equals 0.45kg. One kilo approximately equals 2.2lbs. You may easily find an online converter, such as this one: When a child weighs 125 pounds, that equals 56.7 kilos. So, the initial dosage of Strattera is about 28mg daily. A 25mg capsule can be used. In three days, the dosage can be increased to 56*1.2=67.2mg. Let's make it a lttle lower, not to overdose. 60mg is all right.

Can Enzyte be taken with Strattera?

I do not know specifically about Enzyte, but I currently take a small dose (2.5 mg) of Cialis concurrently with my 80 mg daily dose of Strattera. This was prescribed by my doctor to help fight the sexual side effects of Strattera. There have been no negative interactions that I can tell and the Strattera sexual side effects have pretty much been eliminated. If you are taking Enzyte to combat sexual side effects of Strattera, I would suggest talking to your doctor or at the very least the pharmacist to find out if there are any possible interactions. As far as I know, Enzyte is completely herbal (and from what I've heard... a placebo), so it probably won't have any interactions, but it is better to be safe than sorry!

Does Strattera increase anxiety?

I was taking one strattera daily for two weeks and I was find. My dr. increased me to 2x a day and now I'm finding I am having more anxiety. I have had small bouts of anxiety in the past, but they were confined to mostly evening hours and would go away with deep breathing exercises. This anxiety is much worse, starts out in the a.m. and lasts all day. It is not, however, a daily occurrance. I'm also noticing shakiness and headache. I'm going to request my strattera be reduced to 1x a day and see if this resolves on its own. Would be interested to hear of other people's experiences. SB

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2000 calories

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You just started taking Strattera you are 46 yr old female and you started on 40 mg daily you started 3 days ago and you cannot stay awake does this pass help?

uhm bobaloo?

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