Is it safe to buy a vehicle at an auction for cars?


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It is safe to buy a vehicle at an auction for cars so long as you know what you're buying. Please look at the car in and out before deciding to place a bid on it.

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How do I get an auto auction licence? So I can buy cars at an auction.

No! You can buy any vehicle you like from a police car auction however you will need a licence to drive the vehicle on public roads. Either arrange transportation or someone with a licence to remove the vehicle from the police auction

I found a government auction website where you can buy seized cars, trucks, vans, suvs, for dirt cheap.

When buying a car online from an auction site, it is very important to either have a mechanic check out the vehicle beforehand or arrange for a period of time after the sale to check the vehicle out.

At an auto insurance auction you can buy cars at cheaper prices. Some of these cars have been recovered from theft, used as rental cars, or even donated to the auction.

To buy vehicles at auction you don't need a license. You just can find a reseller company who will provide you an access.

States have nothing to do with an auction choosing to be a dealer only auction or a public auction. Thus there is no state that "requires" a dealer licenses to buy at an auction. This a requirement of the auction if it chooses to be dealer only.

to make a purchase at a public auto auction is easier and safe as in other types of can make it by bidding on cars till you win or if you find a reasonable price and it fits to you, you click on " buy now" price. Every Auto Auction has its method of payment. For example through PayPal. It is one of the safety process to make a purchase...i always choose this method...And then you deal with the seller about the shipping.

If your vehicle is being sold at a "Public" auction where anyone can go in and bid - then yes you can bid and/or buy your vehicle. Keep in mind that - if for instance - you owe $5000.00 and you buy your car back at auction for $3000.00 - you will still owe the lender the $2000.00 difference. In other words - you are not going to be able to get by on purchasing your vehicle at auction for less than what you owe and then not have to pay the rest to the lender.

No. When you buy a vehicle "as is", you get it... as is.

The best place to buy a used car in San Antonio from an auction would be at or I hope this helps, good luck.

Go to a repossession auction. They are often advertised in the newspapers and on radio.

Go to your local DMV and ask them how to apply for a dealers license.

want to buy a vehicle without a title but with a bill of sale

Copart Auto auction is one of the largest salvage vehicles auctions. They have yards all over the USA. You can buy there almost every vehicle (salvage cars, motorcycles, boats, RVs, trucks). The auction is online so you don't even need to go out. You can register with Copart here

You become a licensed car dealer in the state of your choice.

"Best Buy sells GPS systems for cars, which are essentially considered vehicle tracking systems. That is what they do, they track your vehicle to give you directions."

Used car dealerships normally buy cars for cash. In addition automobile reclamation services and companies looking to buy cars for their parts will often pay cash for a vehicle, regardless of condition.

ebay is tricky in the sense of used vehicles. If you do not know specifically what has been done to the vehicle (through reviewing the maintenance receipts) or how well the vehicle has been driven, you may be buying a lemon. If you do all of your market research and have the ability to see the vehicle in person before you buy it, get a certified mechanic to give it an inspection.

Contact the major rental agencies. They have a certain criteria for what they will rent to the public - once their cars get to a certain condition or mileage, they may auction them off. ** enterprise, and hertz are the biggest- they retail out about 10% of their rentals- the rest go to auction and dealerships.

One of the top reasons to buy environmentally safe cars is for protecting the environment. Before hybrids were created, cars were a major source of carcinogens in the atmosphere. These pollutants are very harmful to the health of the environment. Now that cars are more fuel efficient, the environment has become a much cleaner place to live. Another reason to buy one of these cars is for tremendous tax benefits. is a great website. some cars are minimally wrecked but can be fixed for cheap and you can get great deals!plus is fun to bid on cars, trucks, boats etc!

It depends on which auction you are going to, some you are allowed, others you have to have a sales license Some car auctions need some special invitations, with out any invitations, you cannot participate. Some auctions are for charities, this is mostly open to every one, auctions for classics and regular cars need no invitation. In almost every car auction, everybody is welcome and anybody can buy cars-of course you have to have money to be able to win a car. I suggest to study all the cars before going into car auctions. Compare car values and pricing. Seek to the one that suits your taste and to the one that can fit for your budget. It is very easy to get a new vehicle at auctions, they typically have simple menus (

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