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Is it safe to carry a 45 lb child when you are 10 weeks pregnant?

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βˆ™ 2004-04-10 10:19:27

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As long as you are having a healthy pregnancy, it's probably OK. I would say not to carry him constantly, but you can't refuse to hold him for 9 months. That isn't fair. If it feels to uncomfortable or painful, just sit down when you hold him. You should also talk to your doctor about this.

2004-04-10 10:19:27
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Is terconazole vaginal cream safe to pregnant women?

Yes it safe, i am 6 weeks pregnant and my doctor prescribed it.

Is it safe to carry a pregnant dog?

Its it fine BUT you have to be really careful so it isn't the best idea to carry a pregnant dog.

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Is it safe to have a biopsy on your cervix done when you are 30 weeks pregnant?

If the doctor knows you are 30 weeks pregnant and wants to do it, it's probably safe. If you have questions, talk to the doctor and find out if there are any risks and what they are.

Im 20 weeks pregnant and been given nitrofurantoin oral suspension to take but im a bit worried is it safe?

definantly I used on my 2nd child

Is nitrofurantoin suspension oral safe at 27 weeks pregnant?

Yes. This drug is safe at this stage of pregnancy.

Can you have chemotherapy when you're pregnant?

no its not safe your child could die!!!

Is it safe to take tylonol 3 with codeine when 31 weeks pregnant?

yes I was given a prescription at 35 weeks

Is it safe to go swimming in public pools at 38 weeks pregnant and lost the plug?

Safe?: YES Sanitary?: NO

Is it safe to dye your hair when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

im not sure it is complete safe but i dont see why its a problem

Is it safe to ride a motorcycle when your ten weeks pregnant?

it is safe to ride a motercical until you are 5 months gone but the is allways a risk on a motercicel even if your not pregnant my mother was riding a motercical when she was pregnant with my brother

You are 4 weeks pregnant will it be safe to ride an ATV?

As long as you have no crampsit is perfectly safe, as far as the pregnancy goes anyway.

Is it safe to take a hot bath while 8 weeks pregnant?

Yes, of course.

Can herpes kill a pregnant woman and her child?

Not usually. There are safe ways to treat herpes while pregnant. Antiviral medication is safe to take and the mother should be taking it if she has herpes and is pregnant. If herpes was contracted a few weeks or months before getting pregnant then the mother could have a misscariage due to stress of a break out. But if the mother has had herpes long before she got pregnant then there shouldn't be any risk to the baby.

Is it safe to ride a water slide at 7 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is, you can go on water slides for up to 10 weeks in your pregnancy.

Can you take nitrofurantoin mono mac while pregnant?

I was prescribed this medication twice during my first trimester...once at 4 weeks and another at 10 weeks. It is safe for pregnant women!

Is it safe to take Zantac while pregnant?

Anything you take, your child is taking.

How long does a cat carry her kittens?

When a cat is pregnant she will be pregnant for around 9 weeks. When she goes into labour she will find a comfy place away from noise that she feels safe in. Once born the mother will carry her kittens around by the scruff which is located on the back of their neck. Well she wil carry them to about as far away from an old nest or basket and stop when she is satisfied that she is far away from whatever was causing her to move.

Is it ok to take amoxicillin while 30 weeks pregnant for an abscessed tooth?

It is only safe if it is prescribed by a dentist who is aware the patient is pregnant.

If You bleed after sex very light and about two weeks later you got your period could you be pregnant?

No Silly You Have Your Period So Your Safe Not Pregnant

Is it safe to lay on stomach when pregnant?

It is safe till 12 and probably till 20 weeks. Provided you feel comfortable and the bed is soft.

Is it safe to take Keflex while pregnant?

As long as your past your first trimester. I took it for a ear infection at 17 weeks pregnant and now I am almost 21 weeks and I am back on it again. I asked three different doctors and they all said it was safe. and I looked on the FDA website and it falls in the safe catergory as tylenol.

If you're 8 weeks pregnant is it safe to be pushing a wheelchair around with a 6 year old child in for over an hour a day?

Unless there is some medical problem with the pregnancy, then no, I don't think so.

Is it safe to mow grass if you are 32 weeks' pregnant?

No!!!!!!!!!!It's definetly best not to for the child's sake!!!