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Yes, In moderation and with some caveats, it is relatively safe, although there are unavoidable risks.

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The benefits, if any, are moderate and can usually be realized using dietary supplements.

There are many factors to consider and many are difficult or impossible to access or control. However, drinking urine produced by anyone but yourself, increases the risks because in this case, you have no control over any risk factors at all.

Arguments for use:

It is sterile.

It can be a matter of survival when no other liquid is available. Although few people like the idea of drinking urine, fewer would prefer to suffer the ultimate consequences of dehydration.

The use of urine as medicinal support for well hydrated individuals, is rooted deep in history. Many ancient cultures, even some holistic practitioners of today, have promoted its medicinal value.

Besides water, urine contains: vitamins, hormones, proteins, urea and, other constituents accepted as generally beneficial.

Research is underway to investigate the potential of these and other urinary substances.

Since your body has already proven its ability to handle its constituents, drinking small amounts of your own urine is unlikely to produce serious harm.

Arguments Against use:

Urine can contain toxic substances. For instance in those who have taken drugs (legal or illegal) or have been exposed to harmful chemical residues in their environment.

There are negative side effects that may include: diarrhea, fatigue, fever, and muscle soreness; these symptoms usually worsen with additional doses.

The body's process of elimination is more than just getting rid of what it can't store. The kidneys only retain what is useful at the moment, and dispose of everything else. When you drink your urine, you are re-introducing to your body, what it has already rejected as not needed or toxic to itself.

Urine produced by others, is even more dangerous, carrying additional risks of alien substances.

Accurate dosing is impossible because, in terms of components and concentrations, each batch of urine produced is different from all the others

Without extensive testing, it can't be known what substances, or how much of each, is being ingested. Even the water content varies widely across batches. All you know is that your body didn't want it.

The substitution of urine for drinking water is useful only as an emergency option. The results are always dehydration and a dangerous build-up of urine components in the body. Even components that might otherwise be helpful, can become toxic if allowed to accumulate in this way.

Even in survival situations, the water content drops dramatically and dangerously over the course of the emergency. As the water content drops, the concentration of other components increases. As the time frame of the emergency lengthens, urine becomes more concentrated.

Even components that might otherwise be helpful, can become toxic if allowed to accumulate. So, the practice can become useless at best, and fatal, at worst.

The kidneys stop functioning as dehydration progresses.

Credible, empirical evidence, to support the use of urine as a medicine, does not exist.
From all I have read, it is completely OK to sample or to drink copiously of one's own urine.

It has a bit of a bitter taste but not at all a bad one. Try it once
Well it won't kill you. Urine is actually sterile until it's outside the body. As far as the taste, well, I couldn't help you there, but I would imagine it doesn't taste like sweet tea.
yes you can

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it is perfectly safe to drink your own urine and heres why:

URINE THERAPY 25/02/2020

Auto-urine therapy, Orin

or urotherapy as it is sometimes known, dates back to several ancient cultures and even, arguably, The Bible. Egyptian medical texts and Chinese and Indian documents mention the benefits of drinking one's urine, while the Aztecs used it to disinfect wounds.

Contrary to popular perception, urine is not a by-product of the body's waste disposal system but of blood filtration.

Nutrient-filled blood passes through the liver, where toxins are removed and excreted as solid waste.

The purified blood then goes through another filtering process via the kidneys, where components for which the body has no immediate use are collected in a sterile, watery solution. For that reason, it is highly sterile, consisting of 95 per cent water and five per cent nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, antibodies and other beneficial ingredients.

Advocates of auto-urine therapy believe that this combination can help cure everything from the common cold to cancer, boosting energy levels and sexual performance along the way. While the practice has always been popular in China, India and South-East Asia, a small but growing band of Western fans are also downing a daily dose. Books with titles such as The Golden Fountain all extol the virtues of urine.

What is amniotic fluid? basically its Urine containin Mothers Urine and Babies Urine

Amniotic fluid fills the sac surrounding your developing baby and plays several important roles:

It cushions your baby to protect it from trauma (if you take a tumble, for instance).

It prevents the umbilical cord from becoming compressed, which would reduce your baby's oxygen supply.

It helps maintain a constant temperature in the womb.

It protects against infection.

It allows your baby to move around so that its muscles and bones develop properly.

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Q: Is it safe to drink your own urine?
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Is it safe to drink your urine on a regular basis?

no it not safe to drink your own urine it is dangerous

Is it safe to drink your own pee?

It is safe for you to drink your own pee, as long as it is in small doses and there are no toxins, such as medicine, in the urine.

Can a human drink his own urine?

Yes, a person can drink his/her own urine.

Is it safe for a male to drink a womens urine?

It is safe for a male to drink a woman's urine, or any humans urine, as long as it is in small doses and there are no toxins, such as dangerous medication, in the urine.

Is drinking your own urine dangerous?

actually, your urine is sterile until it reaches the urinary meatus and exits your body. it's not recommended to drink your own urine, but if you are in an absolute survival situation and have no alternative, you can drink your own urine to sustain yourself.

If you drink your own urine do you lose weight?

No, drinking your own urine will not allow you to lose weight.

When would you drink your own urine?

You will drink your own urine in a last resort case to prevent dehydration. It will not taste good but it will keep you alive. Note: You can only drink same urine twice, the third time it is extremelly toxic.

How many times is it safe to drink your own urine?

That is actually disgusting!!! ew dont do that at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you saying you do?

Can you drink a dogs own urine?

you might be able to drink it but you might get sick

Is it safe for women to drink men's urine?

Urine can be drunk but its still body waste containing water.

How much urine can a person drink in a day and how often can they safely do this?

Drinking urine is not safe in any amounts.

Did Ozzy Osbourne drink his own urine?

Yes he did. He also drank Nikki Sixx's urine.

Is drinking your own urine safe?

Not really, urine is waste, when you urinate you are removing excessive amounts of bacteria from your body.

Did Winston Churchill drink his own urine?

No, it would poison him.

Why does my dog drink own urine?

Its sterile and he likes the taste

Why do ayurvedic yogis drink their own urine?

Ayurvedic yogis are encouraged to drink their own urine between 4 and 6 a.m. in the morning in the belief that the hormones ingested will facilitate a meditative state.

Is it safe to drink another person's urine?

I personally couldn't imagine consuming my friends' urine. However, it should be suitable depending on the who the urine belongs to is healthy.

Will the bactrian camel drink its own urine?

If it gets that thirsty yes

How did people try to cure the black death?

from drink there own urine

Can you drink ones own urine?

It is not recommened,urine is a waste product expelled by the kidneys.When you drink it your making your kidneys work twice as hard to filter the waste out of your blood again.

What do you do if you drink pee. Is it life threatening or will you get sick?

Drinking urine will not harm your body in any way. Many people drink their own urine in dire situations to keep them hydrated.

Did morarji desai drink his own urine?

yes he did, in a treatment course for piles.

What benefits would there be if you did drink your own urine?

If you have recently drank a quantity of treated water, then maybe the first time you drink your own urine it would be fairly diluted and might not harm you. But every time you drink your own urine without replenishing your intake of pure water the salts and other minerals in the urine becomes less and less diluted and more concentrated and will eventually severely dehydrate you and possibly kill you. For this reason very few survival experts recommend drinking urine.

How is the amount of water you drink related to the urine produce?

I would go as far as to say, the more you drink, the more urine you produce. I'm no scientist though. Keep safe. Don't drink too much water or you could die. I read that once. Also make sure you drink enough. You gotta stay in the safe zone. Peace homie x

Is it wrong to drink your urine?

You should not drink your urine for health reasons. For instance if you drink your own urine you can have side affects or die from deadly substances contained in it.However, it is possible to drink it still. If absolutely necessary you can drink your own piss and survive on it for two to three days if in a desert or such. I have also witnessed a man surviving on his own piss by heating out the salt and other bad substances and just drinking whatever water was left.