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Is it safe to drive a vehicle that has antifreeze mixing with oil?


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2006-02-28 01:00:38
2006-02-28 01:00:38

NO NO NO you can i guess but it will ruin your engine. You either have a cracked block or blown head gasket i would guess. Moisture in the engine will destroy it. In addition to a headgasket or cracked block (unlikely), would be cracked cylinder head, intake manifold gasket or manifold. What kind of car, what size engine? 1999 CADILLAC DEVILLE


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NO! Take it to a mechanic immediately. Call AAA at once, if you are a member. Oil is not antifreeze and antifreeze is not oil!

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If there is motor oil in the antifreeze reservoir there is a good chance there is also antifreeze in the motor oil. This condition is probably the result of a bad head gasket or a cracked head. Antifreeze mixing with motor oil is a recipe for disaster for the engine. Have a trusted mechanic diagnose the situation soon as possible to hopefully avoid even more costly repairs.

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yes just make sure antifreeze level is topped off and you will make it just watch temp gauge.

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To drive a vehicle with disabled power steering would be difficult and not safe for you and others.

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