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NO NO NO you can i guess but it will ruin your engine. You either have a cracked block or blown head gasket i would guess. Moisture in the engine will destroy it. In addition to a headgasket or cracked block (unlikely), would be cracked cylinder head, intake manifold gasket or manifold. What kind of car, what size engine? 1999 Cadillac DEVILLE

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โˆ™ 2006-02-28 01:00:38
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Q: Is it safe to drive a vehicle that has antifreeze mixing with oil?
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Is it safe to drive a vehicle that has oil going into the antifreeze?

NO! Take it to a mechanic immediately. Call AAA at once, if you are a member. Oil is not antifreeze and antifreeze is not oil!

Is it safe to drive vehicle when there is oil in antifreeze reserve and Saturn ION?

If there is motor oil in the antifreeze reservoir there is a good chance there is also antifreeze in the motor oil. This condition is probably the result of a bad head gasket or a cracked head. Antifreeze mixing with motor oil is a recipe for disaster for the engine. Have a trusted mechanic diagnose the situation soon as possible to hopefully avoid even more costly repairs.

Is it safe to drive the car if antifreeze is leaking to drive it to the mechanic about 5 miles?

yes just make sure antifreeze level is topped off and you will make it just watch temp gauge.

Can you drive your car without powerstearing?

To drive a vehicle with disabled power steering would be difficult and not safe for you and others.

How safe is it to drive a vehicle when the drive shaft is broken or faulty?

never drive any vehicle with a worn universal joint, you may cause serious injury to yourself or other drivers when the drive shaft lets loose on the road

Is antifreeze safe to give to a dog?


How dangerous are Ferrari's?

Not at all u just have to drive safe with a fast vehicle like a ferrari!

What are the safest vehicles to drive?

Statistically the larger the vehicle the safer it is. Government safety ratings will give you a good idea of how safe a particular vehicle is.

Is it safe to drive if i don't have a power steering pump?

It depends, assuming that the steering still does function without the pump, some people are stronger than others. If you are capable of turning the vehicle when you need to, then yes, technically it is safe to drive, but make this consideration first; could you turn the vehicle fast enough to avoid a collision or some other emergency? If not, it isn't safe for you to drive it.

Is it safe to use water in antifreeze resovoir?

I believe it is safe just not in the winter.

When passing another vehicle the driver must be traveling at what speed?

the safe and legal passing of another vehicle requires that drive

Is it safe to drive a car with a fuel line leak to a mechanic?

It is not safe to drive a vehicle with a fuel leak, but if this is the only way to get it to be fixed, be careful that the leak is not that bad if you drive it. A trickle is bad, any more than that and driving it would not be advised.

1994 Honda accord with 17 inch rims but when you put them on it bent the wheel studs a little bit you were wondering is it still safe to drive and take it on the innerstate and will they be safe?

Bent wheel studs!! No it is not safe to drive. Now way would I drive this vehicle until I replaced the bent studs.

Is it safe to dilute antifreeze even more?


What type of car antifreeze is safest to the environment?

The type of car antifreeze that is safest to the environment is propylene glycol antifreeze. While it is still not totally safe, it is less toxic than other antifreeze.

Is it safe to drive a car leaking antifreeze?

No it is not. It could be a problem with the radiator, a radiator hose or a water pump. In any situation, it could cause the motor to overheat and damage it severely.

Is it safe to drive if car engine is racing while in neutral?

No, determine what is wrong with the vehicle before driving it. If the throttle is sticking open, you may not be able to stop the vehicle safely.

Is a muffler a necessity and how does it work?

The muffler works by dissipating sound from your exhaust system. It is required in most jurisdictions for the safe and quiet use of a motor vehicle. Based on your question, I am assuming you might be mixing up the parts of the vehicle you are interested in getting.

Does toothpaste have antifreeze in it?

Yes toothpaste contains antifreeze along with other compounds that help purify the mouth whenever they are in use, tooth paste contains a safe antifreeze not harmful to human's..

Is it okay to drive on the left side of the highway to pass a vehicle which is near the top of a hill or in a blind curve?

No! It is not Okay, nor is it safe!

Is it safe to drive with a antifreeze leak?

Yes, IF the leak is not so severe as to overheat the engine. Any coolant leak needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent engine damage caused by overheating.

Is the peterbilt 359 a safe car to drive?

The perterbilt 359 may have its hazards however it still is a pretty safe vehicle. It still has a high safety rating and a strong car with a lot of torque.

Do you have to have 4 snow tires on a front wheel drive vehicle?

I Would Just because it is better to be safe than sorry and have good traction.

Why do truck drivers always carry a tire pressure gauge?

So that they can ascertain the pressures in their vehicles tires to ensure their vehicle is safe to drive.

Is it safe to drive a car if the control arm needs to be replaced?

It's never safe to drive a car with worn or damaged parts. If it breaks you could loose control of your vehicle and cost a life. The life may be your own. To be sure of the parts condition Uou should get a second opinion! Be safe most of all!