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Is it safe to dye your hair while you are pregnant?


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You should wait to color your hair until your second trimester because this is after the critical stages of your baby's organ development are complete. The Organization of Teratology Information Specialists have been studying this for some time and they have concluded that there are no reports of hair dye causing changes in human pregnancies.


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Yes. There are no studies showing that hair dye is harmful to pregnant women or to unborn babies.

Yes, it is perfectly safe to dye hair while on antibiotics. If you have an allergic reaction to the hair dye, you may need to seek medical attention.

Whose, yours or someone else's? Given the fumes, dyes and gosh-knows-what-other-crud in most hair dye, I wouldn't even get my hair re-colored if I was daydreaming about sex, much less already pregnant.

If I were you, I wouldn't dye my hair because it ruins your hair. So no, it isn't safe to dye your hair.

I don't think dying your hair actually affects the fetus i'm no doctor so i f i were you i would reserch that

im not sure it is complete safe but i dont see why its a problem

Avoid hair dying while pregnant especially if it contains ammonia.

I believe after a few months .. 2-4 or something .. it's safe to dye your hair in general. I'm not positive, seeing as I've never been pregnant. But I know my mother's friend dyed her hair when she was pregnant and her baby's fine. You're just not supposed to dye it in the early stages of the pregnancy.

It is not advisable for pregnant women to dye thier hair due to the chemicals involved.

can you have anything with red dye while pregnant?

No. The chemicals in the dye can get in your blood stream and transfer to your baby. There are other chemicals you should avoid such as splenda. Do a google search for things to avoid while pregnant.

the truthful answer is....YES - it can...dying your hair once in a while is perfectly should not dye your hair when pregnant or trying to get pregnant...but dying your hair very often in any case is dangerous...the dyes enter your bloodstream and build up...after a while your body cant handle the poisons and it shuts down.... repo man

yes it is safe to dye a child's hair because i know many kids that had it done and they are fine

It should be (the products used for hair dye should be safe), but for your own peace of mind (and if dying hair is not your daily job) why not wait to do this sort of thing until you have had your baby. If it is your job, I suggest that if you are worried, you should speak to your doctor.

Of course you can, my hairdresser continued to both bleach and colour my hair until she went on maternity leave. :)

well if you want to dye the babys hair no but if it is yours of course!!! take it from me i am a hair dresser

All hair dye is potentially damaging. If you colour & maintain your hair properly, yes, it can be bad.

its excatly the same as womans hair dye, safe if you take the right precautions such as bleaching, etc. i would try out temporary hair dye first

Yes, it should be fine. The only things you want to avoid is putting any chemical in your hair such as hair dye and such.

depends how thick your hair is !!

Sometimes hair dye does not take to your hair whilst pregnant because of hormones.The reason you are advised not to dye your has has nothing to do with damaging your baby. As many women will have experienced our hair is different when we are pregnant, drier, greasier, curlier or straighter, depending on the lady. For this reason you cannot tell how your hair wikll react to treatments such as dying and bleaching, or perming.

Store bought, unprofessional hair color is safe but it is not very good quality.

Yes, but be careful! Too much and you can even dye the babies hair and that will be a big problem.

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