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You should wait to color your hair until your second trimester because this is after the critical stages of your baby's organ development are complete. The Organization of Teratology Information Specialists have been studying this for some time and they have concluded that there are no reports of hair dye causing changes in human pregnancies.

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Q: Is it safe to dye your hair while you are pregnant?
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Is it safe to highligt your hair while pregnant?

Yes. There are no studies showing that hair dye is harmful to pregnant women or to unborn babies.

Can pregnant women cut or dye there hair?

Pregnant woman can cut their hair but not dye or highlight their hair while pregnant because of harmful chemicals in the dye.

Is it safe to dye hair while on antibiotics?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to dye hair while on antibiotics. If you have an allergic reaction to the hair dye, you may need to seek medical attention.

What hair dye is safe to use when pregnant?


Is it safe to dye hair while pregnant?

Whose, yours or someone else's? Given the fumes, dyes and gosh-knows-what-other-crud in most hair dye, I wouldn't even get my hair re-colored if I was daydreaming about sex, much less already pregnant.

Is it safe to dye your hair?

If I were you, I wouldn't dye my hair because it ruins your hair. So no, it isn't safe to dye your hair.

Is it safe to dye your hair while you are pregnant 2011amswers?

I don't think dying your hair actually affects the fetus i'm no doctor so i f i were you i would reserch that

Is it safe to dye your hair when you are 34 weeks pregnant?

im not sure it is complete safe but i dont see why its a problem

Hair dye and pregnancy?

Avoid hair dying while pregnant especially if it contains ammonia.

Is it okay to dye your hair while pregnant?

don't know I'm not a female

Can you dye your hair when your pregnant if you use ammonia free dye?

I believe after a few months .. 2-4 or something .. it's safe to dye your hair in general. I'm not positive, seeing as I've never been pregnant. But I know my mother's friend dyed her hair when she was pregnant and her baby's fine. You're just not supposed to dye it in the early stages of the pregnancy.

Can a pregnant woman dye her hair?

It is not advisable for pregnant women to dye thier hair due to the chemicals involved.

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