Is it safe to eat a hard boiled Easter egg that has been at room temperature all day?

Easter egg safety

Never eat Easter eggs that have been out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. Also if you are going to eat them, make sure you do not hide them around places where animals deficate or any type of fertilizers. Eggs are very poreous and bacteria can seep in very easily.

There is plenty of debate in the web about how safe it is to eat room temperature eggs. After about 30 minutes on room temperature an egg will develop a grayish tone around the yolk. I have confirmed this myself. That is because everything that comes from a living thing, like milk, meats, vegetables, etc. by nature are supposed to decay every second that goes by. Micro-organisms living within them even at cold temperatures will make sure that the process of decay takes place. This can be slowed down by freezing or refrigerating, only but so much. Even when frozen, food will decay and become bad over certain amount of time.

The question is, is it safe to eat? If you have to ask, and the egg has been room temperature over 4 hours; I'd say re-boil it before consumption. Otherwise it depends how immune you are to certain bacteria. While some people will be fine eating an egg that has been sitting room temperature for 6-8 hours, others with more delicate immune systems, will develop upset stomach the least.

If an egg has been room temperature over 8 hours, re-boil it, better to be safe than sorry. And if the egg has been room temperature for over 12 hours, toss it. Your health is more valuable!

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