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Coprophagia, the consumption of feces, can be dangerous for humans. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, pneumonia, and influenza vaccinations are generally recommended for those who engage in this practice. Even consuming one's own feces potentially involves risk, as the bowel bacteria and eggs of parasitic worms are not safe to ingest.

Coprophagia is most often the result of coprophilia, the attraction to the smell, taste, texture or sights and sounds of the act of defecation as a means of sexual arousal and gratification. A common slang term for this is "scat sex." It has also been observed in patients with dementia, severe mental handicaps, schizophrenia or depression.
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Is it okay for rabbits to eat their feces?

Yes, it is normal for rabbits to eat their droppings, although rabbits don't really eat their feces: they eat their cecotropes (also known as cecals or "night droppings"). Feces are round dry droppings seen around the rabbit's territory and in the litter box. A rabbit might sometimes sniff or nibbl ( Full Answer )

Why do dogs eat their feces?

When dogs eat their own feces it is a condition known as coprophagia . It actually is quite common with younger dogs. When a dog does this, it is usually due to a mineral deficiency. As gross as it sounds, it doesn't know any better. When your dog becomes socialized, it will learn that it is "impro ( Full Answer )

Why do dogs eat feces?

Dogs eat their fecal matter for a number of reasons such as hunger, malnutrition, worms, boredom, inadequate space, stress or curiosity. Dogs who eat their excrement should be put on a higher quality diet, fed twice per day, and walked more frequently. Here are some of the possibilities explained: ( Full Answer )

Why do mice eat their feces?

This is common among most herbivores. Their intestines are tooshort to get proper nutrition from eating vegetative matter thefirst time, so they eat it again.

Can you die from eating human feces?

You can get diseases. Untreated, some of these can be fatal. Others will just make you wish you were dead. Feces are, after all, concentrated human waste -- the stuff we eat that our body can't use. If you're into this, you need to proceed with great caution, and be prepared to tell a medical profes ( Full Answer )

Why does your dog like to eat feces?

If your dog is eating it's feces, that likely means that he is eating too fast and therefore is not properly digesting his food, so there are still nutrients and a good taste left in his feces (that's why he wants to eat it). You have to make your dog eat slower.

How can you stop your dog from eating his feces?

This is a common behavior exhibited in canines. It is called coprophagia. Although the behavior is not generally harmful, it is oftentimes difficult to live with and gives new meaning to dog breath. There is an effective product on the market today that is in the form of a tasty, chewable tablet for ( Full Answer )

Why do moths eat feces?

Some moths eat feces because they are able to glean nutrients it.They can also eat decomposing plant and animal matter.

Why does your puppy eat his own feces?

This answer is simple it just thinks it is its food!. There is a proprietory pill available from pet stores that deters and breaks the habit.

Is it unhealthy to eat your partner's feces?

Yes. Eating feces ( Coprophagia) can make humans very sick. Pornography actors will use an enema and then insert an edible material which bears the appearance of feces before the cameras roll. This gives the illusion of eating fecal material.

What is the meaning of a marsupial eating its feces?

If you're referring to the family Pseudocheiridae: All herbivores need some way of obtaining as much nutriment as possible because leaves have little nutriment. The pseudocheirids gain extra nutriment by eating their feces, causing any nutriment that had been passed over the first time through to be ( Full Answer )

Is it ok to eat human feces?

NO- Do Not Eat Feces By Consuming your own or other people's fecesyou carry the risk of contracting diseases spread through fecalmatter, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis E, pneumonia, and influenza. Coprophagia (feces eating) also carries the risk of contractingintestinal parasites.

Is eating human feces safe?

No. Remember it is what is left after digestion, it is full of Ecoli bacteria and other germs you don't want to put in your mouth.

Why babies eat feces?

Babies don't have the most discerning of palates. They will put anything in their mouths, and it doesn't have to taste good. One of my children actually put mothballs in her mouth and was walking around as if there were nothing happening. (I actually met one other person who did the same thing).I ha ( Full Answer )

Why would a yorkiepoo eat his feces?

Why Dogs Eat Poop: 20 Reasons 1. Your dog might be hungry. If your dog doesn't have access to food, he might eat poop. 2. Some dogs will eat poop to clean up an area like a housekeeper. This is most likely if your dog is confined to a crate or kennel, or when he's chained up or otherwise restric ( Full Answer )

What is it called when rabbits eat their feces?

Rabbits don't really eat their feces; they eat their cecotropes. This natural process is called " cecotrophy " (also sometimes spelled "caecotrophy"). Some people call "coprophagy," but this isn't technically correct as "coprophagy" refers to the eating of feces, but cecotropes (also known as cecal ( Full Answer )

Can you eat your own feces?

Yes, of course you can, but like many other things which can bedone, it is highly recommended against doing so for obviousreasons.

Is human feces safe to eat?

No. It is, afterall, the waste material that your body decided not to use. In addition to that, it is full of bacteria and could contain pathogens.

How do you stop puppy eating his feces?

Everytime you feed your puppy, feed it a tidbit of pineapple either from the can or fresh. The puppy won't like the taste or smell of his feces. And thus won't eat it. I am trying this with my puppy as of today. I got the hint off of: It's me or the dog, television show.

Do baby rabbits eat their feces?

No rabbits eat their feces, although all rabbits eat cecotropes. Rabbits have two kinds of droppings: feces, and cecotropes. Baby rabbits that aren't weaned yet eat their mother's cecotropes; once they're weaned, they eat their own cecotropes.

Is it sadistic to eat feces?

No, it would not be sadistic to choose to eat fecal matter. That would be more masochistic. Making another person eat it would be sadistic.

Can someone eat feces?

Yes, you can. But you will get very sick. It is all digested food glogged together, which is certified as food poisoning. You can eat it, but you will get very sick.

Do donkeys eat feces?

Normally they do not, however, when they are suffering from nutrient deficiency they may resort to eating feces.

Do possums eat dog feces?

No I don't think they can it depends what's its made of and why would it even want to eat It in the first place? Lol

Do rats eat human feces?

Yes, for the nutrients. So, be caeful of sewer mains that backup into homes. Mice will eat them as well.

What would happen if you eat feces?

This would depend on the condition of what you ate but as a whole, a very bad idea. There are many bacterial and viral diseases which you might contract, depending upon whose feces you are eating. Not to mention parasites. Parasitic worms are very common. Human Feces is a "pure" waste product. ( Full Answer )

Do fish eat feces?

Yes some do eat waste but this is often from other water users Yes mostly talapia but there are other kinds.

Do hamsters eat their feces?

Not really, as far as I know. My baby hamster bites the excretia then pulls it out because she is weak, she spits it out though, but my older hamsters don't do that anymore

What happens if you eat mice feces?

You should be okay, unless the mice has consumed something you areallergic to/toxic. If you feel sick, see your doctor.

Why would a dog eat their feces?

"First, when dogs eat their own poop, they are said to be practicing a behavior known in veterinary medicine as coprophagia . It should also be noted that this behavior isn't limited to incidents where dogs eat their own poop. Dogs will sometimes dine on the feces of other dogs, cats, horses, or oth ( Full Answer )

Do turkeys eat their own feces?

Yes. Turkeys do eat their own feces. But whether they do or not depends on how they were raised and lived in clean environments where humans would clean their feces to keep the turkeys from ruining their own taste. On the contrary, wild turkeys taste like feces & you'd know the reason.

Can you die from eating dog feces?

Feces are just what is left over after an animal digests its food. It's not the feces themselves that could kill you or make you sick but the bacteria that quickly grow in feces. If you get infected with bacteria and you are not treated, you could die. The same is true of getting infected by bacteri ( Full Answer )

Does man eat feces?

Sometimes. They would do so either out of mental illness, sexual fetish, curiosity, or starvation.

What happens when hamsters eat their feces?

Eating their own faeces is a way to give the hamster's digestive system a second go at digesting the plant matter it eats. Plant cells have a strong cell wall, which is tough to digest, which is why hamsters and rabbits will eat their faeces.

Do maggots eat dog feces?

Yes, maggots will eat the feces of most animals, including dogs.The blow flies will lay eggs in the feces to produce the maggots.

Do gay people eat feces?

Coprophilia has nothing to do with sexual orientation - it's afetish some people have.. granted, one I can't understand, butanyhow. Is there at least one gay person into it somewhere?Possibly. But it's not a "gay" thing, nor would it be exclusive tothem.

Do mice eat cat feces?

Not preferentially. However, they must eat some since they sometimes contract diseases that cats get.

Do hamsters normally eat their feces?

Small rodents may occassionally eat their own faeces as their digestive system is not as effective in extracting all the nutrients.

Why can't humans eat feces?

Faeces contains waste body matter as well as waste foods it alsocontains contaminants that the body rejects which can infect humansif ingested.

Why does a dog eat their own feces?

DOGS Are stupid animals they eat their poo because they have only little brain the only thing that dogs are smart at is sniffing

Do giraffe eat feces?

Not intentionally no as this would be at ground level and giraffescannot each from the floor with any real success. Beside they areherbivores so aim at vegetation for sustenance.

Why does an animal eat feces?

There are many reasons why some animals consume feces. An animalmay eat their feces for the following reasons: - it is a part of their normal digestive pattern. Some species do what is called Post Gastric Digestion, in whichbacteria in their large intestine digest the components of the foodthat the ( Full Answer )

How do you safely eat feces?

Call a mega church and donate a lot of money to them for a verypowerfull prayer, but be careful the prayer may create a hurricaneto kill atheist

Is it harmful for a dog to eat feces?

It is not usually harmful. The only way that it would be is if the animal that made the feces is sick, like if it has worms, for instance. If the feces is "healthy" then it will not harm the dog to eat it.

Why do dogs eat their feces-?

Dogs simply have a strange habit of consuming their own feces. It is not done for hunger reasons but rather out of instinct and habit. And also out of boredom. Pick up your dog's feces/poop twice a day. There are also food additives that you can put directly into the food that is suppose to make t ( Full Answer )

Why do dogs eat feces-?

Dogs eat feces for various reasons, some of which include; Lack of nutrients in their daily diet, hunger, coprophagia condition, boredom, anxiety, stress, loneliness.