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Is it safe to eat feces?

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Coprophagia, the consumption of feces, can be dangerous for humans. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, pneumonia, and influenza vaccinations are generally recommended for those who engage in this practice. Even consuming one's own feces potentially involves risk, as the bowel bacteria and eggs of parasitic worms are not safe to ingest.

Coprophagia is most often the result of coprophilia, the attraction to the smell, taste, texture or sights and sounds of the act of defecation as a means of sexual arousal and gratification. A common slang term for this is "scat sex." It has also been observed in patients with dementia, severe mental handicaps, schizophrenia or depression.

2017-04-04 12:27:31
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If you puree feces and boil it is it then safe to eat or drink?

No feces is never safe to eat you can never kill all the types of bacteria and germs in there

Is it safe for dogs to eat collard greens?

Is it safe for dogs to eat there own Feces? No, but they do anyway.

Is corn in feces still safe to eat?

Why on God's Green Earth would you want to eat your own feces ?

Is it safe to clean a cat feces when you have a baby?

Yes. it is perfectly safe. as long as you don't eat it your fine

Is it safe to eat dog poo?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to eat dog feces. Feces, or poo, is steril like urine. Military survival training often involves the consuming of fecal matter for survival, and it is a medically proven fact that a subject can survive for weeks at a time on feces and urine.

Why does a dog eat it's own feces?

A dog will eat its own feces if it is still hungry or lacking nutrients because feces can still contain some nutrients, but extremely little, and its own feces is another source they know is safe to eat because hyenas drink their own urine during a drought to prevent dehydration. It is a survival instinct.

Do butterflies eat feces?

Butterflies eat feces. The consumption of feces is called coprophagia. Butterflies also eat tree sap, decaying fruit, and drink nectar from flowers.

Why won't my dog eat its feces?

It puts a bad taste in it's mouth, would you eat your feces?

Why does your weimaraner eat her feces?

Because her feces smells like her food to her.

Do cows eat feces?


Do maggots eat dog feces?

Yes, maggots will eat the feces of most animals, including dogs. The blow flies will lay eggs in the feces to produce the maggots.

Is human feces safe to eat?

No. It is, afterall, the waste material that your body decided not to use. In addition to that, it is full of bacteria and could contain pathogens.

Does fecal matter eat other fecal matter?

Feces does not eat other feces. Feces is a byproduct of bodily waste and is not able to eat anything. All humans and animals defecate in order to release their waste.

How big are panda feces?

Panda feces size is dependent on what and how much they eat.

Why do moths eat feces?

Some moths eat feces because they are able to glean nutrients it. They can also eat decomposing plant and animal matter.

Does chicken eat their own feces?

Yes chickens do eat their own feces. I use to own some and Ive seen then do it.

What are the importance of feces?

The removal of feces from the body is what is important. If you don't defecate, you will die. Feces is what is left over from what you eat. If you don't defecate, you won't be able to eat any new food, and the feces could rot or harden inside of you.

Why do Muslims eat feces?

Muslims do not eat feces. ______________________________________________________ I wonder of this question. Does the one asking this question know of any human of any other religion is eating feces? If no, why he considers Muslims are eating feces and just asking about the reason?!!

Is it harmful for a dog to eat feces?

It is not usually harmful. The only way that it would be is if the animal that made the feces is sick, like if it has worms, for instance. If the feces is "healthy" then it will not harm the dog to eat it.

What can you eat to make your feces edible?

It is not recommended to eat your own feces. That's grotesque. There doesn't seem to be anything you can eat to make the excrement more edible.

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Why do magpies eat feces?

Not normally

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