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asfasf No. He'll probably kill you before turning his hooves on himself.

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What do you feed a horse when it lacks minerals?

i think you should feed it yogurt bites. they are rich in minerals .

Is it safe to feed barley to a horse?

yyes you can if you have a horse!! barley is an oat and horses love oats

Is it safe to put yogurt in your anus?

It is safe to put yogurt in your anus.

How much is safe and sound horse feed?

around $11.00 to $12.00 a bag.

What do you feed your horse?

Hay that is 50% grass and 50% alfalfa and Safe choice grain about a scoop each horse

Can you feed a horse raw garden vegetables?

It is safe to feed most veg to your horse but potatos are toxic and should not be given. Carrots,swedes,turnips, cabbage are ok.

Is yogurt healthy for your cat?

No! You are crazy to feed yogurt to your cat!

How long after feeding can you ride a horse?

An hour after giving a grain feed is normally safe

Is a little rust in horse feeders safe?

Depends. If the feed is solid (grain/powdery), yes, it's fine. However, if the feed is liquid, no.

How do you feed a horse?

you can feed a horse hay, carrots ,apples and you need to feed the horse at less two times a day

What kind of nutrition to feed a horse?

Check the answers to 'what are all the kinds of horse feed' or 'why should you feed your horse grain'.

Should you feed your rat yogurt?


Is yogurt safe for gout?

Yogurt is low in purines which is best if you suffer from gout.

Is it safe to freeze yogurt?


How often do sugar gliders eat yogurt?

As often as you feed it to them. They don't eat yogurt in the wild.

How many pounds of Horse feed is 8 quarts of Horse feed?

it depends on what type of feed you have.

Is horse riding fair?

YES! Think about it, you feed them, water them, keep them safe, so in return they let you ride him!

How do you feed your horse on my horse club?

you click on wat you want to feed it then you click or double click on the horse

Can you feed anoles yogurt?

Probably, what's an anole

What to feed a rabbit with a stroke?

Nutri-stat, and yogurt.

How do FEED a horse on MY horse club?

go to the stable and click the feed button

What is horse and camel feed called?

Horse and camel feed does not have a specific name. Most horse and camel feed is made up of grains and grasses.

How do you feed your horse fodder on horse?

Click on the Feed next to the Carrot Drink Groom Hand and Turnip and then feed your horse Fodder as much as it needs.

Is it safe to eat yogurt that has been out of the fridge for almost 48 hours?

No, probably not. Yogurt has milk in it, and like milk yogurt is perishable.

What yogurt is safe to eat during pregnancy?

Yogurt made from pasteurised milk is safe to eat during pregnancy. The bacteria in yogurt is not the same as that in unpasteurised soft cheese, it is similar to that which is normally present in the gut.