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Is it safe to give a 1-month-old small amounts of baby food?

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NO!!!! All babies develop at different rates and for the first few months of life your baby will receive all the nutrition and energy his or her body needs from breast or formula milk. However, from FOUR to SIX months old your baby may not get all the calories, iron and other nutrients he or she needs from milk alone or may require increasingly large or frequent feeds to do so. At the same time most babies will be able to tolerate semi-solid foods such as baby rice. Introducing solid foods earlier than four months is not recommended, as your baby may not be able to digest the food properly. If your baby was born prematurely, you should calculate the four months from your baby's original due date. It is important that you don't rush into weaning as a result of pressure from parents or friends and that you are guided by signals from your baby. These signals include: * Being unsatisfied after a full milk feed * Demanding increasing and more frequent milk feeds * He or she can control their head movements * Attempting to put things in his or her mouth * His or her weight gain slows or levels out without a period of illness to explain why. * After a period of sleeping through the night your baby begins waking in the night with hunger If you are unsure or concerned about when your baby is ready to begin weaning you should talk to your health visitor.

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Why is a food processor better than a blender for making baby food?

A food processor has a bigger area and allows for more even and quicker blending. Although a blender will do for small amounts, most of those who make their own baby food use a food processor.

Why is sodium chloride added to food?

In small amounts it makes food taste better. In large amounts it is a preservative.

Why must a hamster only be fed fresh food in small amounts?

Because if you fed him stale food in small amounts, he'd get angry and want to bite you.

What is used to cook food in small amounts of fat or oil?


If the pregnant is thruw up everytime when i eat what well hapend for the baby?

Try to eat very small amounts of food spread over the course of a day. The baby has to get its' nutrients through you. (And consult your doctor!)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of homemade baby's food?

There are many advantages to Homemade baby food for example, you know what is going into the food and how much of it. There is no added colours or flavorings and you can add the (small) amount of salt or sugar you like. Also with your homemade baby food you can make it in large amounts and then freeze it where as with bought baby food you cant.The disadvantages are that making baby food takes up time and can be quite messy.Information:I have never made baby food myself but I am a child care GCSE student and we are currently looking at weening and baby food.

What is food broken down into small pieces?

Baby food.

What absorbs large amounts of water from undigested food?

The Small Intestine.

What is the definition of the term gag factor?

The term gag factor refers to the gag reflexes. For example, a baby has very sensitive gag reflexes so even small amounts of food may cause the baby to gag.

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How do earthworms adapt to relatively small amounts of food from large amounts of ingested soil?

The gizzard is a muscular organ used to churn the food and then it moves onto the intestine where absorption of the food occurs.

What is the process that moves food from the small intestine to the blood?

Food from the small intestine moves to the large intestine in which it sends the proper amounts needed into the bloodstream.

What if a dog will only eat cat food?

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How is an earthworms digestive system adapted for extracting small amounts of food and large amounts of soil?

you people better figure it out or else......

How is the earthworm's digestive system adapted for extracting small amounts of food from large amounts of ingested soil?

It is used to small amounts of soil becasue they break down the large amounts of soil to be able to fit in the body correctly.The earthworm does this because the GIZZARD helps churn up the food and then it passes through the intestine which cleans it.

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What do the baby unicorns and the baby elves do in Dragon City?

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What are the effect of bacteria on food?

The effects of bacteria on food are its contamination and decomposition. Small amounts of bacteria are largely harmless, but in large amounts they can pose serious healthy risks depending on the species.

What kind of food do baby birds eat?

small insects...

How is the earthworm's digestive system adapted for extracting relatively small amounts of food from large amounts of ingested soil?

The gizzard is a muscular organ used to churn the food and then it moves onto the intestine where absorption of the food occurs.

What do baby snaping turtles eat?

worms, small fish, turtle food, small shrimp, small snails

Why is it necessary to release the energy stored in glucose in small amounts?

so the food want come out

What are the main uses of salt?

produce in small amounts the hydrochloric acid required for the digestion of food ,,

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