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Is it safe to have a pedicure done at 35 weeks of pregnancy?

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It is safe but in the last trimester, avoid having the massage done on your ankles and lower legs as this can cause you to go into labor occasionally.

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Is it safe to get a pedicure while pregnant?

Yes, there is no problem with having a pedicure. Towards the end of pregnancy many women have one even if they have never had one before because it is so difficult to reach to DIY Hello there. Yes it is safe to get a pedicure during pregnancy. But if you're worried beforehand, ask the beatician to be certain.

Are pedicures during pregnancy safe?

yes you can get a pedicure any time you feel like it even if you are preganet.

What ocular surgeries are safe during pregnancy?

If your ocular surgery is done in localanesthesia, it is safe in pregnancy.

Is it safe to terminate pregnancy in three weeks?

Yes it is.

Is safe to wash your hair after 3 weeks of pregnancy?

It is perectly safe to wash your hair during any stage of pregnancy.

Is it safe to sleep on your tummy at 27 weeks of pregnancy?

It is safe but probably not very comfortable.

Is it safe to wash clothes during 18 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes, it's safe all through pregnancy unless you eat the detergent.

Is it safe to have your nails done during pregnancy?


What are the chances of pregnancy if sex had done 2 week ago?

instances of being preggy would occur only if your fertile . if you had done it 2 weeks befor or 2 weeks after your mens. it is safe to deal w/ sex.cause at that tym ur unfertile.

How do you stop pregnancy without surgery or anybody knowing that your pregnant?

To end a pregnancy is having an abortion unless you give birth. The only safe way is to go to a doctor and have it done. Before 9 weeks it can be done by medicine but after that it has to be done by surgery. Both ways are done so no one notices unless you tell them.

Is nitrofurantoin suspension oral safe at 27 weeks pregnant?

Yes. This drug is safe at this stage of pregnancy.

Is it safe to pick out a wisdom tooth in 32 weeks of pregnancy?

Yes dental work is safe and important during pregnancy. Read more in link below.

Is an induction cooker safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes. It should be safe to use the induction cooker safe in pregnancy. But then retrospective study can be done to prove the same.

How safe is Nitrous oxide during pregnancy?

first 12 weeks its dangerous so

You are 4 weeks pregnant will it be safe to ride an ATV?

As long as you have no crampsit is perfectly safe, as far as the pregnancy goes anyway.

Is it safe to take phenergan before your six weeks pregnant?

Yes. This drug is totally safe in pregnancy. So many times it is used to prevent morning sickness in pregnancy.

Can we have physical relationship when the pregnancy is 7 weeks?

Yes. Sex is reasonably safe during pregnancy unless a Dr tells you otherwise.

Is it safe to ride a water slide at 7 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is, you can go on water slides for up to 10 weeks in your pregnancy.

What week of pregnancy is safe to have the baby?

A baby is counted as 'viable' (able to survive) from 24 weeks of pregnancy but I would not call that safe. 33% of babies born at 24 weeks, 19.9% at 23 weeks, and 9.1% at 22 weeks live long enough to be discharged from hospital. Not surviving but being discharged. So only a third survives from 24 weeks and usually with damages. It's in those last weeks the lungs are developing so I would say week 38 when you have gone the whole pregnancy is the safest. A few weeks before that can also be safe, it depends on the fetus condition and development.

Is it safe to have Brazilian waxing done in early pregnancy?

Yes it is. You can have sex through the entire pregnancy so waxing is nothing.

Is it safe to take mucosolvan while pregnant?

No. You better take bromhexine. It has been used for generations and is safe in pregnancy. Safety of ambroxol is not established in early and mid-pregnancy. It can be taken after 28 weeks of gestation.

Will a pap smear harm the baby if done in early weeks of pregnancy?

A regular pap smear? No. A colposcopy with possible biopsies? Maybe, but not likely. Either way, the baby is safe on the other side of the cervix.

Is hard sex OK during the first two weeks of pregnancy?

Yes. Sex is safe for the baby throughout pregnancy unless your doctor states otherwise.

Is it safe for a pregnant woman to have a fish pedicure?

Yes it's perfectly safe. They just eat the dead skin and that is no harm.

Is it safe to have anti pregnancy pills?

Yes, anti-pregnancy is safe to prevent early/unwanted pregnancy. Abortion pills are the medicines that are used to terminate a pregnancy above 12 weeks. Birth control (anti-pregnancy pills) is used to prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills are considered effective to prevent pregnancy if you consume the pill within 72 hours.