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Is it safe to have hernia surgery during pregnancy?

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I am not a physician, but I have the same problem and have been looking online for information. From what I've read, it is considered preferable to wait until a few weeks after the baby is born to have the hernia repaired. Of course, emergency surgery is necessary in some cases. I'm just starting to feel some pain and I'm at 13 weeks. I'm concerned, but I know from the last hernia repair that the anesthesia is strong and the pain of recovery is pretty bad. I imagine that this could all be a strain on the pregnancy and baby. My plan is to avoid surgery until it's absolutely necessary. Good luck!

Well, I am 24 weeks pregnant and have ingiunal hernia surgery scheduled for this Wednesday. I tried to list all the pros and cons of the entire situation- if I wait until after the baby is born, with the amount of pain I am feeling now, by the time the baby gets bigger, the pain will be five times worse. There is a risk of stragulating the hernia and it rupturing, causing toxoplasmosis, which utlimately means immediate emergency surgery without question- and how would the pain be during labor, like it isn't bad enough, adding to it the excruciating pain of a gigantic ingiunal hernia right there?? I figured, being not dumb when it comes to the risks of either side, and the effects the surgery (anesthetic) MAY have on my unborn child- to tell you honestly- I am most certain that if any effect on the child from the local anesthetic, he'll just feel "real happy!"

I had a left Inginual Hernia with my second daughter after having a c section with the first one. I was operated on when I was 5 months pregnant. They told me that I might have a preterm baby. Well, I went 41 1/2 weeks with my daughter a healthy baby. Then I had to go back into the hospital because I developed a right inginual and imbilical hernia. I am now 7 months pregnant and have another hernia and I am in extreme pain. They will not operate until after the baby is born. I am suffering right now and I am concerned that I will have to have a c section with this baby.

2015-07-17 17:39:56
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Q: Is it safe to have hernia surgery during pregnancy?
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