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Yes, you can have sex up to the birth, in fact it is found to help induce labour :)

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Q: Is it safe to have intercourse during the 12week's of the pregnancy?
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Is it safe to intercourse during first trimester?

Yes; intercourse is perfectly safe throughout your entire pregnancy as long as you, the female, remains comfortable or your doctor orders you to refrain from sex.

Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy with regard to miscarriage?

It is safe to haveintercorse during pregnancy unless advised otherwise by your doctor. All the best!If you have had recurrent miscarriages, it may be best not to in the first three months.

When is it safe to have intercourse?

Safe from what? Pregnancy or diseases. No contraception is 100% effective in protecting pregnancy or infectious diseases.

Is xylometazoline is safe during pregnancy?

This drug is safe during pregnancy.

Can you have intercourse after pregnancy?

It is usually safe to have intercourse 6 weeks after pregnancy. If you are still unsure or uncomfortable after 6 weeks, contact your doctor.

Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy?

Yes, unless your doctor has put you on bedrest. Sex is also a great way to trigger labor towards the end of your pregnancy.

What is the safe period of sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy?

there is no safe period u better use condom to avoid pregnancy.

Is it safe 2 have intercourse during the periods?

It is safe but it does not provide protection against pregnancy contrary to many beliefs. For more information, read the related links.

Are allergex pills safe during pregnancy?

Chlorpheniramine maleate is safe during pregnancy.

Eno during pregnancy is safe or not?

Yes, it is safe to take Eno during pregnancy.

Why is rolaids not safe during pregnancy?

Rolaids should be safe to take during pregnancy.

Is it safe for females to urinate during intercourse?

Messy but it is safe.

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