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Is it safe to invest in speak Asia?


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2011-09-13 03:09:21
2011-09-13 03:09:21

SpeakAsia is just another multi-level chain income scheme, in which subscription from newer members is used pay the old members. This PONZI scheme can continue as long as the chain of new members keeps on expanding. Clever people who can trap their un-suspecting colleagues, relatives and friends into joining such schemes can make profit. While majority of the members who join the chain at the end, lose all their investment.

There are other genuine online survey websites which have been paying their members for several years without charging any subscription amount. Now since the COO of SpeakAsia has been arrested alongwith other office bearers, all those who have invested in SpeakAsia will lose everything. Of course there are must be some clever members who have made lot of money by trapping new members and earned commissions for it. SpeakAsia now is trying to change its business from online survey to selling cheap Chinese electronic items under a brand name YUG.

My advice - stay away from it completely.

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