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The truth of tampons is they are no good for any woman. The tissues inside the vagina are extremely delicate and it is a fact that women that wear tampons have more irritation and infections. Try "Always with Wings" and if you bleed heavy then use "Overnight ones." They are great! If you aren't sure when you will start your period then Always with Wings is great for you and comfortable.

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How do you put on and remove a tampon if you never got your period?

I hope you are not wearing a tampon when not on a period. This is unhealthy and if you are just starting your period you should not be using a tampon until you are older. The tampon box gives written as well as a diagram of how to put in a tampon. Follow the directions and read the warnings. This is very important.

Is it safe to put a tampon up your bum?

Safe, yes. Necessary, no.

How can you go swimming with your period?

You put a tampon in...

Does it hurt the baby if i put in a tampon?

It wouldn't hurt the baby, but why would you put in a tampon, if you're pregnant you don't have your period.

What do you do when you have started your period?

Put a tampon in or use a pad.

When you have a period what do you do?

You either insert a tampon or put on a pad

What would happen if you put a tampon in when you weren't on your period?

Wearing a tampon when not on a period is unhealthy and unnecessary. It creates the perfect conditions for the toxic shock syndrome and for infection. The toxic shock symdrome has killed women and the tampon box gives a warning about it and wearing a tampon when not on a period.

You put in a tampon before your period and blood came out?

You were expecting your period and you got IT before IT got you!

What happens if a bride has her period?

She can put a tampon, and if she and he dont want to have sex during period they can wait.

What happens if you start your period?

you should put in a tampon and wear a pad in your underwear

What end of the parsley leaf do you put up your vagina for period?

a freaking tampon

What happens if you put a tampon in and your not on your period?

Wearing a tampon when not on your period is unhealthy and unnecessary. The tampon is good place for bacteria to grow and may cause an infection that can enter the blood stream and kill you. Every tampon box warns about TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrom) which you can only get if you leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours

What is the physical relationship between blood and cells?

Plood when you have period and so you have to put tampon

Thought i was on my period so i put a tampon in. but when i was peeing i noticed blood in my pee?

Yes, you have started your period. How old are you?

What should you do while going for swimming classes when you get periods?

Well, if you have your period, you should probably put a tampon in.

What happens when a girl gets her period?

When a girl gets her period, blood comes from her vagina and she gets a bloated uterus, plus terrible cramps. When girls get their period, she must wear a tampon, or a pad. A pad is a liner that you put in your underwear. A tampon is something that a girl puts into her vagina.

How do you put tampon in anus?

I recommend you don't do that, and keep it for its original purpose - placing it in your vagina, to absorb period blood.

Is it safe to put in a tampon before you have had your period?

Tampons should only be used while actively on your period. They should be removed every 4-6 hours and NEVER left in for more than 8 hours. This is because the folds of a tampon help house bacteria that is naturally found in our bodies. After 8 hours, those bacteria begin to reproduce quickly. This can lead to toxic shock syndrome, which is very serious. Furthermore, inserting a tampon when you are not on your period can lead to yeast infections and throw off your natural body chemistry in that region.

Can you swim when you have your period?

well, yes as long as you put on a tampon, but you may not want to. first, tampons hurt. second, when you are on your period your gut looks bigger than it really is.

Why haven't i gotten my period in 1 or 2 months is that good?

No, its not good.... Somebody put a baby in you!

Can you go swimming if it's you're period time?

Yes but only if you put a tampon in. You can also if your flow isn't heavy. It could get heavy in the pool though, so i recomend putting a tampon in. Thx Amanda!

What is the best way to insert a tampon in the anus?

is there a special way to put a tampon in my anus

How do u put a tampon on?

You don't put a tampon on, you put a tampon in your vagina. All tampon packages include instructions which are far easier to follow than trying to read answers from your screen. Tampon insertion is really not complicated, as long as you're relaxed and use correct absorbency you just insert into your vagina as far as it will do - make sure you know precautions such as when to change.

Can you take a pregnancy test if you're bleeding?

yes, jsut put a tampon in. but why test if your bleeding?? If you're having a period you aren't pregnant.

How do you put a duck in a box?

Every tampon box has detailed instructions with picture of how to put a tampon in. Very gingerly Follow the instructions in the pack.

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