Is it safe to refreeze food once it has been thawed?

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Yes. As long as the product stays below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (F) it is in the safe zone. Thawing in the refrigerator is best. If you use running water to thaw make sure the water stays below 70F and it has somewhere to go (ie. down the drain). You don't want to thaw in a pool of water that is not being replaced constantly. The Health Department (Kansas) gives product a 4 hour shelf life once it has left the safe zone (ie. above 40F). If you thaw product at room temperature be aware of this rule. Use a bio thermometer to check the temp of your food if you are not sure. The product may still be cooked and eaten within this time frame. I do not recomend using the microwave to thaw unless you plan on eating it right away. The microwave uses heat to thaw and is inconsistant in how it affects the product and parts of it may get above 40F.

Watch out for shellfish. Raw oysters on the half shell are the most dangerous thing the Health Department will allow in restaurants in the US, they need to stay as close to frozen as is edible. When shellfish die they become poisonous, this is why lobsters are cooked while they live. Frozen raw shrimp can be thawed and refrozen unless they leave the safe zone (ie. above 40 F).
Thawing then refreezing is a quality issue. Water and oils are lost which amounts to losing flavor (though freezing them in the first place has already done this) and degrades texture.
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Can you refreeze thawed fish?

Yes you can, as well as other meats if it has been handled properly . See Related Links.. Realize, though, that there will be degradation in the quality of the fish. You might want to try cooking it, then freezing it..

Why it is not advisable to thaw and then refreeze food products?

Re-freezing is generally not advised because each freeze-thaw cycle negatively impacts the quality of the food. The cell walls become damaged and leak, so the food either becomes mushy or dry and tough. There are also microbiological concerns if the food has not been thawed or held properly..

Can you refreeze defrosted food after it has been cooked?

Yes provided it is cooked fully to an internal temperature of 180 degrees. If it is undercooked the bacteria has not been destroyed and will only go dormant when it's frozen. As soon as the food is thawed again it will still be there.

Can you refreeze thawed cooked meat?

you can, but you're putting yourself in serious risk of food poisoning.not recommended . More Information . If the meat was originally very fresh when frozen, had been thawed properly under refrigeration and then refrozen shortly thereafter, illness would not be likely. The major concern would ( Full Answer )

Can you thaw and refreeze?

No you should not refreeze anything except water. Once thawed use the food as soon as possible.

Name 3 ways to safely thaw out food?

The three recognized safe ways to thaw food are . in the refrigerator . in the microwave . under cold running water . The last two are considered quick-thaw methods where the food should be cooked immediately after thawing..

Can you refreeze ground beef if it has been thawed out in the microwave?

No, it is not a good idea. Thawing in the microwave speeds up bacterial growth. Any kind of meat that reaches room temperature should be cooked immediately, you can then freeze it. The only time you can refreeze meat is if it is still very cold or still partially frozen.

Can you refreeze food that has been cooked?

you can't refreeze food unless it was frozen before you cooked it. freezing food is good way to preserve food but if you freeze it, cook it, and refreeze it, the food might not be to good. .

Can you refreeze thawed milk?

Yes, you can refreeze everything if only the qualities are being ignored.. I'm not sure about the milk's quality/freshness after thawing a refrozen thawed milk.. Please don't refreeze anything without cooking it, see this:. ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze already thawed meat?

Frozen food defrosted or thawed in the refrigerator may be refrozen. However, the bacteria in food can multiply even at low temperatures. Refrigerating food will not stop bacterial growth: just slow it. So do not refreeze food that has be defrosted for some time even if it has been refrigerated the ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze frozen vegetables when they have thawed?

Refreezing of veggies is not recommended since that will adversely affect the quality. From a food safety standpoint, it might be OK if the food did not get above 40°F, but that also depends how long the food has been thawed and how it got thawed out. If you have any doubts about the safety ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze a thawed cheesecake?

I was just researching this and found this web site.. It indicates you can (with their cheesecake by rewrapping it appropriately). I'm stretching to include Cheesecake Factory cheesecake (and others) in this advise.. If we get sick I'll send a follow ( Full Answer )

Can you thaw a cornish hen then refreeze it?

Do not cook any poultry, even Cornish hens, from the frozen state. Thaw in the refridgerator, then cook immediately. You can cook as many at a time as you want to. Four birds takes approx. 35 mins at 350 F. Poultry should be cooked to an internal temperature of 170 F, and the juices from the meat ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze thawed vacuum packed food?

You can refreeze thawed vacuum food as long as it has not been open, if It has been open you can still reseal and refreeze it but you do run the risk of your food spoiling due to the introduction of bacteria into the food.

Can you refreeze a turkey after it has thawed?

You could refreeze a thawed turkey as long as it was thawed in the fridge and has not started to spoil, but there will be loss in quality when you finally do cook it up. It might be better to cook it without all the fixin's, then remove the meat from the bones and package the meat for freezing..

Can you refreeze thawed hamburg?

this is not a good idea, bacteria are easily accumulated in thawed meat so the quicker it is cooked the better.. If it was very fresh when frozen, has been thawed under refrigeration and is not several days old, it could be refrozen. Freeze-thaw cycles do not help the quality of the food and refree ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to refreeze a turkey once it has been thawed out in cold water?

It is never really a great idea to refreeze thawed food since that does affect the quality of the food, but any allowances to refreeze are suggested only if the food has thawed under refrigeration. A cold water thaw is not refrigeration and should be followed up with immediate cooking.

What if your freezer was unplugged by accident and some food was thawed can i refreeze it?

That will depend on the food itself, the maximum temperature it reached and for how long. If the food is still below 41°F or is still icy, it could possibly be refrozen, but the quality will be diminished. If the food is still below 41°F, it might be better to cook it first, then re-free ( Full Answer )

Can you thaw then refreeze cake?

You should avoid re-freezing anything that has been frozen and thawed. Serious gastric upsets could result. A different perspective . . . Generally, the main concern with a cake (depends on the cake, of course) would not be food safety, but the extra freeze-thaw cycle would definitely affect th ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to refreeze pork once defrosted?

Sometimes, but by refreezing you will negatively affect the cell structure of the meat because when the ice crystals in the meat expands it will rupture more cells. This will destroy the texture of the chicken. The second reason is because there are now larger water pockets in the meat from the firs ( Full Answer )

What is a safe way to thaw frozen food?

cool running water works best...NOT warm...micro-organisms grow and the water could partially cook the food prematurely=food poisoning. Not Bueno. The safest way to thaw food is to put it in the refrigerator.

Why is frozen food never refrozen once it has thawed?

Frozen food like meats at a deli are frozen, thawed and refrozen sometimes several times. The meat goes to slaughter, slaughtered, then frozen. The meat then travels to the meat market or deli, unfrozen, cut up into whatever slices of meat they wish to sell, then some is placed in the display and so ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze a red velvet cake that has been completely thawed?

You can, but it's not going to taste good thawing and refreezing over and over again. You'd be better off cutting off what you want while the cake is still frozen, returning the frozen portion to the freezer, and just thawing what you'll be eating.

Can you refreeze almost thawed out chicken?

If it's been kept cold and well wrapped, you can refreeze it. If it's not been well wrapped and you want to refreeze it be sure to wrap it very well so it doesn't develop freezer burn.

How do you safely thaw out frozen food?

The safest way to thaw frozen food is to move it from the freezer into the refrigerator and allow it thaw there. Calculate the time needed before using it so you give it plenty of time to thaw. The next safest way is to place the frozen food in its packaging in cold water, changing the water every 3 ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze cooked meat that has been thawed?

Yes. As long as the meat has been thawed and handled in a safe manner prior to cooking, then you can freeze the cooked meat. A lot of people cook meals ahead of time for convenience.

Can you refreeze zucchini bread once it's been thawed out?

Refreezing is never a good idea. The repeated ice formation will destroy the structure of whatever it is you're freezing and eventually the amount of water and ice crystals in a product will affect it too much.

What are two ways to safely thaw foods?

The safest and best way is in the refrigerator, in it's packaging. The fastest way, if it is in a sealed packaging, is to submerge it in a bowl of cold water, IN THE REFRIGERATOR!!! The water increases the rate of heat transfer by a physical process called conduction. This will typically thaw someth ( Full Answer )

Can you refreeze chicken thats been thawed in water?

It isn't generally safe to refreeze raw food. This is especially true for chicken, which is contaminated with salmonella at scary-high rates. If the chicken has thawed, it isn't generally safe to refreeze it and eat it later. This is especially true if it is thawed in room-temperature water rather t ( Full Answer )

What is a safe method for thawing food?

Food is best thawed in the refrigerator, however, some frozen foodscan be safely thawed in a container of running cold water. Thiswill reduce the defrosting time but it is important that the waterbe cold and running. For this method, the food should be tightlywrapped or frozen in a container so that ( Full Answer )