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Is it safe to refreeze food once it has been thawed?


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Yes. As long as the product stays below 40 degrees Fahrenheit (F) it is in the safe zone. Thawing in the refrigerator is best. If you use running water to thaw make sure the water stays below 70F and it has somewhere to go (ie. down the drain). You don't want to thaw in a pool of water that is not being replaced constantly. The Health Department (Kansas) gives product a 4 hour shelf life once it has left the safe zone (ie. above 40F). If you thaw product at room temperature be aware of this rule. Use a bio thermometer to check the temp of your food if you are not sure. The product may still be cooked and eaten within this time frame. I do not recomend using the microwave to thaw unless you plan on eating it right away. The microwave uses heat to thaw and is inconsistant in how it affects the product and parts of it may get above 40F.

Watch out for shellfish. Raw oysters on the half shell are the most dangerous thing the Health Department will allow in restaurants in the US, they need to stay as close to frozen as is edible. When shellfish die they become poisonous, this is why lobsters are cooked while they live. Frozen raw shrimp can be thawed and refrozen unless they leave the safe zone (ie. above 40 F).

Thawing then refreezing is a quality issue. Water and oils are lost which amounts to losing flavor (though freezing them in the first place has already done this) and degrades texture.


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No! Once thawed, you cannot safely refreeze shrimp.

That depends how it was thawed out and for how long it has been thawed. It could possibly be safe, but the quality would certainly be degraded. If you need to save the food, it would be better to cook it, then freeze it.

can I refreeze a Lasagne once it has be thawed

It is never really a great idea to refreeze thawed food since that does affect the quality of the food, but any allowances to refreeze are suggested only if the food has thawed under refrigeration. A cold water thaw is not refrigeration and should be followed up with immediate cooking.

No you should not refreeze anything except water. Once thawed use the food as soon as possible.

no once it has thawed you cannot refreeze it

You can - but you shouldn't. Once food ~ particularly meat ~ has been thawed out, it should be cooked as soon as possible. Refreezing thawed food is always advised against by food suppliers. Once you cook it, you could freeze it then.

You should never refreeze a thawed smoked turkey. However, once you cook a thawed turkey, you can freeze the meat.

It isn't generally safe to refreeze raw food. This is especially true for chicken, which is contaminated with salmonella at scary-high rates. If the chicken has thawed, it isn't generally safe to refreeze it and eat it later. This is especially true if it is thawed in room-temperature water rather than being thawed in the refrigerator. Once thawed, the chicken should be cooked fairly quickly. Once cooked, it can then be frozen for later consumption.

No, frozen is frozen. But you can refreeze something that has been thawed. You can refreeze thawed meat long as there are still ice crystals on it. Once completely thawed then you need to cook it first then refreeze. This applies to solid pieces only, ground meat once more than half thawed needs to be cooked first then refrozen always.

According to the USDA, once food is thawed in the refrigerator, it is safe to refreeze it without cooking, although there may be a loss of quality due to the moisture lost through defrosting. After cooking raw foods which were previously frozen, it is safe to freeze the cooked foods. No, you should not refreeze meat once it has been thawed.

Yes you can but it's generally not advisable to refreeze any product once thawed.

No, it is not safe to refreeze any meat once it has thawed, however if you cook it you can then freeze it again.

Once thawed or defrosted, food or beverage must be cooked or consumed within a few hours.

Only once, once it is thawed you can not refreeze it.

"Refreeze" means it has already been frozen and thawed once. You are strongly advised not not to eat anything that has been frozen and thawed twice.

No - once it's thawed - either use it or throw it out !

Yes. It is preferable over trying to refreeze raw thawed chicken.

The USDA only recommends refreezing meat if it has been thawed under refrigeration. Thawing meat in the microwave is not thawing it under refrigeration.

yes it is possible just very hardNo, once it has been thawed, you cannot refreeze it.

No. This is a serious food safety issue. Once any food has been thawed, it cannot be safely refrozen unless it is completely cooked first (internal temp 165-180).

Yes providing the food reaches a safe internal temperature. When raw meat is thawed bacteria begins to grow once it's been in the danger zone for four hours. Refreezing it does not stop this just delays it till it is thawed again. When you cook it to an internal temp. of 180 degrees it kills the bacteria and it is safe to refreeze

You can not refreeze a Cornish game hen. Once the hen has thawed out, it needs to be eaten or refrigerated and ate in the next day or so.

If the garlic sausage was already frozen, it is not recommended to refreeze it once it has thawed. The safest bet would be to cook it and save leftovers in the refrigerator.

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