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This information is by a training coach: It is perfectly safe to run through the winter as long as you take a few precautions. There is no danger to your lungs because the cold air you breathe is warmed by the time it gets into your lungs. You need to wear proper running attire. Recommended are going to your area's running specialty stores where they can help you figure out the proper gear. You want to run with light layers of clothes that breathe instead of running with bulky sweat clothes. When running in very cold weather, try to run into the wind at the beginning and end your run with a tailwind. If it is really windy and cold, put Vaseline on your face to protect it. If you start out with a tailwind, you will overheat and be chilled when you turn around and head back into the wind. Also, be very careful of your footing if there is any ice or snow on the ground. If there is, shorten your stride and take short, choppy steps. Be particularly careful if you are an early morning runner because it is hard to see slippery patches of ice. Keep in mind that the first 4 - 5 minutes in cold weather is uncomfortable, but once you get going you will become very warm.

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Q: Is it safe to run when the temperature is below zero?
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