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It is not safe to do this. Going without eating to just see if you could do it is foolish and you could do a lot of harm to yourself. We here at WikiAnswers do not encourage anybody to go without eating. Here are some thoughts from some users about your question: * I had a eating disorder for about 3 years. Then I stoped ,but now I'm back on it. Because I am sick of see all the skinny girls and no heavy girls. I also have nother problome. I am a SI if you dont know what that is it is a Self ingerer. I used to cut my wrist. But now Ive stoped that and Now im on this. I need help but I cant go to anyone. I am sorry for anyone who is going thru this. I know it stinks. And Im sorry for anyone going thru this! I truly am! * Why would you want to do that? I will give you some comments later, but now, I'm going to answer your question. No, it is not safe. If you are going to starve yourself until you almost die, you have to stop eating for quite a while. This would mean that all of your fat would eventually be burned up, and so your body will start burning muscle as energy. Also, after a few weeks, some of your body systems wil start shutting down, and that's just unhealthy. * No Please do not do that!!! What you just described is called anorexia. i have it, it's not fun, and it's not safe. I know what it's like to want to go to extreme measures to lose weight but starving yourself is not the way to do it.

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Q: Is it safe to stop eating just to see how long you can go without food?
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How long can a bearded dragon go without eating crickets and just eating green and reptile food?

if its beardie food, then their whole life

How long can a tarantula go without eating?

1 year without food

How long can a cockroach live whit out eating?

3 months without eating food and 1 month without drinking water.

How long can hamsters go without eating or drinking?

They can last about a day or two without food and/or water.

How camel live without eating and drinking?

camel stored its food and water in its hump in back,and can live without eating and drinking for a long time

How many pounds in a year can a person lose from not eating fast food?

It depends on how long you go without eating fastfood.

How long can guinea pigs go without eating?

About a week they need the nutirents from the food.

How long can a cheetah go without eating?

it can go one week without food or water before it dies

How long can a human live without eating food?

rule of 3's 3 weeks without food 3 days without water 3 minutes without Oxygen

How long can a turtle live without food?

Turtles can live two or three weeks without food. In the winter months, turtles can go 5 months without eating.

How long can an iguana go with out eating?

Well I think that it can only go without food for 2hrs

How long can humans go without eating food?

If your strong enough, i think 1 week

How long can cats live with out eating?

about 2-4 months or weeks because without eating or drinking they die, just like a human, without eating or drinking you can die easily.

How long can snakes go without eating?

How long a snake can go without food mainly depends on its age and species. A young snake or small snake would only be able to go a few weeks without food. Most adult snakes can easily go several months without eating. Large snake species like pythons and boas can sometimes go a year without eating.

How long can a pet desert turtle live without food or water?

The pet desert can survive without eating for a few months.

How long after eating fruit before eating food?

fruit is food, but I would suggest 1-2 months for digestion. jk, just blend it and drink everything

How long can a boa go without food?

about a year with just water.

How can you tell if you are just dieting or if you are anorexic?

As long as you are getting the daily requirement of nutrients and eating healthy food, you are just dieting. If you are not eating...or not eating frequently, you have an eating disorder. You should try to eat some healthy food to keep your metabolism high. After a hard breakup, I stopped eating, and my metabolism plummeted...not fun!

How long can crocodiles go with no food?

Some adult crocs can go up to 2 years without eating.

How many days can a goldfish live without food?

A goldfish can survive over 8 days without food because it is cold blooded, however it is not healthy for a goldfish to go so long without eating.

How long can turtles go without eating?

Turtles should not go more than 1 day without eating. These animals have very sensitive systems that need food multiple times a day.

How long can a guinea pig go without eating?

About 7 or 8 days. If you leave them without food or water they're eyes start to close.

How long can a alligator go without eating?

An alligator can go up to a year without eating.

How long can a tick survive without eating?

It can go up to 18 years without eating.

How long can a rat go without food?

they can go pretty long without food but not to long without water