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Is it safe to swallow urine?

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No. Urine from a healthy individual is completely sterile and safe.

It indeed came out of you,and it simply contains proteins and sugars. It won't do you any harm to your body!

No. It isn't safe for a child to swallow anything that isn't food.

is it safe to mix vinegar and urine

Yes you can. Urine is sterile. That is why if your stuck in the desert with nothing to drink it is recommended to drink your urine.

Fresh Urine is sterile so yes you are safe... its only when it has a chance to sit out for a while that is able to grow bacteria. You should find some new companions.

no it not safe to drink your own urine it is dangerous

No, dogs shouldn't swallow bones period.

Is very safe, I have three male dogs and I swallow all the sperm from his dicks all the time and my girlfriend too.

Yes its safe but Disgusting I would tell you not too do it but whatever you wanna do...why would you wanna swallow that crap anyway just wondering

Yes it is safe usually to swallow a mouth or two of bath water. I wouldn't drink it though as it will contain unpleasant tastes of soap or shampoo !

Hydrogen peroxide can be diluted with water and used as a gargle but should never be swallowed. In the event you do swallow concentrated hydrogen peroxide, drink water and DO NOTattempt to vomit. Contact your physician should you begin to feel ill.

it is very safe and u can swallow it

There is only a tiny amount of sperm in semen. I think you wanted to ask "it is safe to swallow semen?". Of course it is safe. People have been doing that forever, and I think it is safe to say it never hurt anyone.

Is is safe to swallow and digest tooth enamel? Also, what causes it to break off?

It is dead cells and has bacteria. I am not sure why you would want to swallow it.

No. Make sure he doesn't swallow anything; it's not safe.

Yes as long as you don't swallow it.

It is safe, just make sure there are not any pieces that he/she could swallow.

The Swallow was used to symbolize safe travels for sailors. They always returned home to their mates.

Yeah. What do babies drink? Breast Milk!!

Uh...well, I wouldn't call it healthy per say, but it's not harmful.

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