Is it safe to swim at 38 weeks pregnant?

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Check with your doctor, but as long as you have not passed your plug, you should be good to go.
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Is it safe to take Vicodin for headaches when you are 17 weeks pregnant?

Vicoden is one of the few drugs that SEEMS to have no adverse reactions to the unborn fetus. However, as with any other substance/controlled substance, it is always better to be safe than sorry and not to take these medications while pregnant. On a further note, Vicoden is a medication designed to ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to have sinus surgery if you are 2 to 3 weeks pregnant?

As sinus surgery is not an emergency I would put it off as the baby is just developing. If you are going through fertility treatment and know the exact date of ovulation you can then know how long you have been pregnant down to the day. this is why Doctors say you are pregnant 38-40 weeks because of ( Full Answer )

How much castor oil is safe to take to induce labor when you are 38 weeks pregnant?

Castor oil was used to induce labour for many years by UK midwives. However, results were pretty varied. The castor oil method works by stimulating your bowel, which, in theory, should stimulate your cervix due to it's close proximity. The castor oil WILL cause diahorrea and possibly abdominal c ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to try to start labor naturally at 38 weeks?

Well if you are 38 weeks and can not feel anything you should NOT try to induce labor. Your baby will come when she is ready,Castrol oil is ONLY used when you are IN LABOR to help make the birth more quick and less painfull. 38 weeks is still two weeks away from your due date, She may be late. My fi ( Full Answer )

At how many weeks pregnant your baby is safe?

Answer . your baby is safe from conception to delivery if you eat right well balanced meals, take your prenatal vitamins, and get moderate exercise for 30 min three times a week. See your OB doctor and he will keep you posted. Joymaker RN

Is it safe to go swimming while pregnant?

yes . yes it is safe to swin when you are pregnant an its good exercise an it will help when youe having the baby it wont hurt as much .

Is it safe to get a tattoo at 32 weeks pregnant?

It depends. Is it for the mother or the partner? For the mother, just avoid the abdominal region. Or just avoid it altogether---they're ugly. On the other hand, Russ can safely get one anytime he wants, but I would advise against it. Ugly. Do strongly resist putting one on the baby.

Is it normal to have some spotting at 38 weeks pregnant?

i am 38 weeks pregnant and lost my 'show' yesterday lunchtime. At about 10.30 last night I found I was spotting. I phoned the labour ward at hospital and they said it was normal. So yes, its normal.. However I would advise you to GET CHECKED OUT. Just to be on the safe side.. Good luck!

Is it safe to stay pregnant for weeks after water breaks?

hi, my waters started leaking at 24 weeks, i was kept in hospital for 3/4 days and it stopped. i was given antibiotics to fight infection and steroid injections to strengthen my little boys lungs. i am now almost 2 weeks on and no baby but yet he has a very strong heartbeat and he kicks me almost al ( Full Answer )

Can Castor oil induce labor when your 38 weeks pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy.. Don't use castor oil to try and induce labor as the side effects are not worth it, plus there isn't any actual proof that is will work.. If you are looking for safe and effective, painless way to induce labor at home then maternity acupressure may be for you.. ( Full Answer )

Is nitrofurantoin-macro safe at 38 weeks pregnant?

\nI will avoid answering the question by saying that the reason why physicians use caution when prescribing nitrofurantoin for use in pregnant women at term is because of the possibility of affecting the newborn's bilirubin and hemoglobin levels. Bilirubin is a break-down product of hemoglobin, the ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to swim doing breast stoke at 38 weeks pregnancy?

Generally yes. You must listen to your body and stop when you get tired. Do not over exert yourself as you need your energy at this point in your pregnancy. Excessive exercise may put you into labour which is generally safe after 37 weeks. This is, of course, assuming a normal health pregnancy. To b ( Full Answer )

Is 34 weeks pregnant safe to give birth?

Yes....babies born between 34-37 weeks generally do fine if there are no other health problems. They may need to go to special baby care unit for stay as sometimes they may have a few shot-term health issues, but they usually do as well as full term babies.

Is it safe for me to run while pregnant I'm 37 weeks?

\nIt is important that you always check with your doctor first. If you haven't been running throughout your pregnancy you shouldn't start now, however if you have been running all along it should be safe--but check with your doctor first so s/he can make sure your health is ok. If you do run, make s ( Full Answer )

38 weeks pregnant and dizzy?

Maybe you are anaemic. Talk to your doctor or midwife about it next time you see them. Have a lie down and drink some water. Take it easy, basically

Is you safe to get pregnant at 38 for the 4th child?

yes it is. You can't say 'yes' unconditionally. It is best to consult a doctor before getting pregnant at a slightly advanced age. Every woman's body is different. Yours is most likely fine, but do get personal advice.

What can you do if you are 38 weeks pregnant and want to deliver now?

Just give it 18 more days if nothing happens you should go to the doctor and if the doctor says just wait have laxitives it really helps and also having lots of green tea. or eat curry and have sex I've heard its ment to wrk really well Disregard all of the above. At best it won't do you any good, ( Full Answer )

Is an enema safe at 32 weeks pregnant?

i am and always have been that why they want you to take prenatel pill to boost your levels you should be ok just intake this with iron after i had my son the came taking my blood cuz it was low just make sure they know that you are enema

Is it safe to swim while pregnant?

If you are around 8-9 months pregnant, your water may break and you wouldn't realize it, so swimming whilst pregnant isn't the best idea.

What are the signs of labor at 38 weeks pregnant?

Hi! First Congratulations on making it this far. For each woman the signs of labor can be different. But no matter what stage in your pregnancy, there are some common signs to look for that can signal labor has started or is impending. However, none of these can say just when you will go into labor! ( Full Answer )

How big is your baby at 38 weeks pregnant?

Your baby is approximately 15 inches and about 2-3 pounds! your babies eyes are partially open now and can blink! His eyes also have color now!!!

Can you swim in the ocean at 33 weeks pregnant?

This is a very situational issue. I would ask your doctor first because he/she would know the specific circumstances of your pregnancy. Swimming, way out in the ocean, I don't know that I would recommend. Standing out there in the water would be fine. But if you are on a rocky beach and the waves co ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to have cramps when you are 38 weeks pregnant?

It could be false labour other wise known as braxton hicks contractions or you could possibly be dealing with the real thing. If you have 4 or more of these pains in an hour, have any type of unusual vaginal discharge, have lower back pain, increased pelvic pressure, or notice the cramps get more fr ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to swim at 4 weeks pregnant?

Yes swimming is excellent when pregnant and a exercise you can do all through the pregnancy. It wont harm you or the baby in any way.

Am 37 weeks in 2 days is it safe to get in a swimming pool?

Don't risk your health and the health of a baby on stuff you got off the internet ! People who don't know what they're talking about will tell you all kinds of things. Don't listen to it. A real doctor is the only place you can get an answer that you can trust.

Is it safe to cut the grass 17 weeks pregnant?

unless you are having a problem pregnancy and have been advised to the contary it should be okay to mow the grass as long as you take care e.g. take a few rest breaks if you have a large area to mow, don't attempt it at the hottest time of day, stop if you feel tired or ill dont over exert yourself. ( Full Answer )

What are the symptoms visible when one is 38 weeks pregnant?

For almost any pregnant woman the most visible symptom on the 38th week of pregnancy is the grown stomach. By the 38th week of pregnancy most women have quite a big stomach which also can be seen on the way the walk.