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It could be as they are all used for different things - tolerability of medication varies a lot from person to person - I am assuming the Xanax is .25 mg per day. There is a once a day xanax and Adderall which may keep the levals steadier and be easier to comply with. The above answer is inconclusive (stupid), I take it that you are going to different Doctors for all these different medications because one Doctor wouldn't prescribe these combinations and you are not telling each Doctor what the other Doctors have prescribed to you and now you are scared but to answer your question, NO it is not safe, besides that, whats the use to take the Adderall 3x daily while taking Xanax 3x daily? That alone is a recipe for disaster. There is no sense in taking those two meds at the same time. You take the Adderall to boost you up,then to come down you take the Xanax, prime traits of a drug addict!!!!!!!!!!! GET HELP!!!!!!!! Your Friend, Guru U

The first answer is more correct, although, it is likely not safe in the dosage indicated. With such a stigma on these drugs for potential abuse, it is doubtful that anyone would ever medically prescribe this full combination, however, there have been cases I've witnessed where extended release forms of both Adderall and Xanax have been prescribed simultaniously with beneficial effects. I cannot speak for the other medications presented in the question. As with all medical questions, it is best to consult a doctor or medical professional. Soliciting answers from anyone less is not advised.

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Q: Is it safe to take a combination of 25 mg of adderall 3 times daily 60 mg of Cymbalta once daily 20 mg of corgard 2 times daily 5 mg risperdal at bedtime and 25 xanax 3 times daily?
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I take adderall 20mg xr in the morning and at bedtime is that normal?

Are you sure it is "XR"? I would have to say that taking Adderall at bedtime is definitely not usual. I do not understand why you would need help concentrating when you sleep. I would consult with your physician on the reasoning behind it, or verify with the pharmacy that it was not a typo on the label.

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Adderall + AtivanAdderall™ is an amphetamine-based central nervous system stimulant. Ativan™ is a sedative/hypnotic known by its generic name lorazepam.While there is no outright contraindication to taking both of these medications as part of a drug therapy regimen, it probably wouldn't be advantageous to take them simultaneously.I take Adderall in a 30mg dosage twice a day and take 1 lorazepam at bedtime as prescribed by my doctor. I have had no complications or side effects from either drug.

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