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Absolutely - as long as they are prescribed to you by a doctor who knows that you are pregnant. It if far better to take the antibiotic and fight the infection, than to have the infection find your unborn child. You can also call a pharmacist at any grocery store and ask them about any risks associated with what was prescribed to you.

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There are many drugs, that fall under the category of antibiotics. Some of them are safe during the pregnancy, while others are not. Your gynaecologist knows about the same. Generally drugs become safer in third trimester of pregnancy as compared to first trimester of pregnancy. You are not supposed to take drugs of your own during pregnancy. Antibiotics are the class of drugs that must be prescribed to you by your doctor. You are requested to tell your doctor that you are pregnant, specially in the early months of pregnancy. Next time you go to the doctor, mention the same again. Do not presume that she or he knows the fact.

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Q: Is it safe to take antibiotics during your third trimester?
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Is sex safe in the third trimester of pregnancy?

Yes. It is safe in third trimester also. Your gynecologist will guide you further in this regard.

Is it safe to sunbathe safe in the first trimester?

Yes, sunbathe as much as you want. Even during the second and third trimesters.

Is it safe to travel during second trimester of pregnancy by train?

Yes, it is safe to travel by train during any trimester of pregnancy

How safe is gestational diabetes during yoor third trimester of pregnancy?

Gestational diabetes usually occurs around 2nd trimester and will be resolved only after giving birth.

Is codeine safe in third trimester pregnancy?

Not Known at this time

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Is taxim o safe during pregnancy?

This belongs to Cephalosporin group of antibiotics. The are totally safe in even first trimester of pregnancy andfavorite of doctors. For all types of infections, you can almost choose one of them.

Is Prozac safe during pregnancy?

No. If a pregnant woman takes Prozac during the third trimester of pregnancy, the child can be born with PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn).

Is citrate of magnesia safe during pregnancy?

Is citrate of magnesia safe to take during 1st trimester of pregnancy?

Is it safe to take Apo- Metronidazole during your third trimester?

You should NEVER take Apo-Metronidazole during the first trimester, but the third trimester of pregnancy is still up for debate, and therefor not recommended by most doctors. You should speak to your doctor about the risks and benefits of taking the medicine while pregnant. Always talk to your doctor about medication issues if you're not sure.

What antibiotics are safe to take during pregnancy?

Try this website. It lists several that are safe and some that are not.

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