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There are many drugs, that fall under the category of antibiotics. Some of them are safe during the pregnancy, while others are not. Your gynaecologist knows about the same. You are not supposed to take drugs of your own during pregnancy. Antibiotics are the class of drugs that must be prescribed to you by your doctor. You are requested to tell your doctor that you are pregnant, specially in the early months of pregnancy. Next time you go to the doctor, mention the same again. Do not presume that she or he knows the fact.

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Taking Antibiotics While PregnantNo drug, prescription, or over-the-counter, traditional or herbal, is 100% safe for 100% of the people 100% of the time. When you're pregnant, every time you take a drug there is the health and well-being of two individuals, one who is small and vulnerable, to consider. While a few drugs have shown to be very harmful to a developing fetus, many drugs have been used safely, and there are situations in which medication is absolutely essential to life or health.

The general rule should be: take medication only on the advice of a practitioner who knows you are pregnant, and only when it is absolutely necessary.

Here are answers and opinions from FAQ Farmers:

  • It is recommended not to take any over-the-counter medication, however in certain situations, such as bladder infections it may be needed. Consulting a professional doctor is always the best idea.
  • There are many antibiotics safe to take while pregnant, be sure to inform your doc that you are pregnant if you're seeing someone other than your OB for an illness (for instance, I saw my regular family practice doc sometimes too). An infection may pose more of a threat to the baby than taking antibiotics- for instance, an untreated bladder infection may lead to premature labor or kidney failure.
  • Your doctor should give you a list of medications that are safe for you to take while you are pregnant but generally what you take will in effect go to your baby as well so I would not recommend taking medications unless you positively have to and are directed by your doctor. The more chicken and other birds, and meats (unless organically grown) you eat the more likely your body will develop a tolerance to some antibiotics. This is in part because of the high dosages of antibiotics given to animals to prevent diseases where they are sometimes raised. So it is a good idea to refrain from a lot of meat and meat related products. This will allow the antibiotics that you may have to take be able to do its job more effectively.
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Q: Is it safe to take antibiotics while pregnant?
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Viagra while on antibiotics is it safe to take

Is it safe 2 take penicillin while pregnant?

Antibiotics should be avoided when pregnant but you have to discuss this with your doctor. Some conditions are worse for the mother and baby than taking antibiotics.

Can taking antibiotics harm a fetus?

There are certain antibiotics for women when they are pregnant that are safe to take, talk to your Dr. if you are on antibiotics and pregnant. Hope this helps.

Is it safe to take six months of continuous antibiotics while pregnant?

It depends why you are taking them. Presumably your doctor knows you are pregnant and it may be that the antibiotics help you maintain your pregnancy. ASk the doctor.

Can i take ranitidine safe while pregnant?

can i take ranitidine while pregnant

Can you take keflex antibiotics while pregnant?

My Doctor has just prescribed them for me and I am 25 weeks pregnant. She says they are perfectly safe in pregnancy so I am hoping that this is the case....

Is it harmful to take antibiotics for an infection while pregnant?

Some antibiotics can be harmful to the fetus; others are not. The pharmacist can tell you which are the ones to avoid while pregnant.

Can you take antibiotics for a chest infection while pregnant?

yes amoixicilline

Is ibuprofen safe while pregnant?

no it is not safe, but you can take tylenol.

Is it safe to take zithromax while pregnant?

yes it is safe to take while pregnant. A doctor would not prescribe it to you if it was to harm your baby. Besides, there are lots of people that have taken zithromax while being pregnant and it was safe for the baby.

Is abilify safe to take during pregnancy?

is abilify safe to take while your pregnant?

Can you take antibiotics when pregnant?

You should not take antibiotics of your own. Your physician will give the antibiotic when indicated. He will select the proper antibiotic which is safe and effective during pregnancy.

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