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Is it safe to take propoxyphene and flexeril together?

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Propoxyphene is a relatively weak opioid pain medication. It is typically combined with acetaminophen in the form of Darvocet. Being an opioid, propoxyphene can cause side effects including lightheadedness and sedation.

Flexeril is a muscle relaxer that also very commonly causes sedation. There is controversy as to whether these medications do anything but make you sleep.

Because of the potential additive effects of these medications, sedation will most likely occur. Taken in normal doses, the sedation should only make you sleepy. You should not perform any activity which requires that you be alert, including driving.

If you take higher than normal doses, you may experience excessive sedation. Especially if mixed with alcohol, respiratory depression may occur.

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Can you take Motrin with flexeril?

There are no known negative interactions between Motrin and Flexeril so it appears safe to say that you can take them both together. However, it might be wise to consult your doctor first.

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Is it safe to mix suboxone and flexeril?

Taking suboxone and flexeril is safe as long as you take the recommended dosage of each and don't take more than necessary.

Can you take flexeril and Tamiflu together?

There is no known significant interaction between Tamiflu and Flexeril.

Can you take Celexa and flexeril together?

can you take flexaril and celexa together safety

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Can you take Flexeril and diphenhydramine?

I am not a physician, but bendryl has diphenhydramine in it and it is safe to take with flexeril but u should always ask ur Dr.

Is it safe to take flexeril and amlodipine together?

NO....the combination would put you into a state of extreme drowsiness-which may last for a few days.

Is it safe to take lexapro and flexeril together?

Actually, the two have been known to cause serotonin syndrome. I wouldn't take them together from my experience. They made me very jittery and unable to sleep.

Can you take amoxicillin and flexeril together?

yes. just remember the flexeril may cause drowsiness.

Can you take codeine and Flexeril together?

Yes codeine and Flexeril can be taken together however you should consult with your doctor before taking. If taken together codeine and Flexeril may cause dizziness and drowsiness.

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Is it safe to take robaxin while taking warfarin?

Is it safe to take roaxin or flexeril while taking warfarin??

Is Darvocet safe to take when you are pregnant?

narcotics are never safe to take during pregnancy Definitely no - Darvocet (propoxyphene) is an addictive opioid narcotic

Can you take Prozac and flexeril together?

According to my pharmacist, it isn't recommended to take flexeril with Prozac. He said there was no apparent problem with Valium and Prozac.

Can you take ultram flexeril and Valium together?

NO!!! Flexeril and Ultram can both cause seizures, taking them together will increase the risk. Always , ask your doctor!

Can you take flexeril and phentermine together?

Pharmacy said it was ok

What happens if you take Tramadol and Flexeril together?

Tramadol, which is the generic Ultram (a non-narcotic pain reliever), and Flexeril, which is a muscle relaxant can safely be taken together.

Can you take ultram and flexeril together?

Yes, you can take Ultram and Flexeril together. They are often prescribed to be taken together. Ultram for its pain relief and Flexeril to relax muscles. This combination is often given for those who have been in a motor vehicle collision. You should not drive or operate machinery when taking this medication

Can you take Advil and propoxyphene?

Yes, these are different categories of pain relievers and can be taken together.

Can you take Flexeril and Zyrtec together?

Yes, there is no problem in taking those 2 drugs together. If you get drowsiness with Zyrtec, this might be enhanced in taking it with Flexeril, but it is quite rare to get sleepy with Zyrtec (but this is a major side effect of Flexeril).

Can you take flexeril and Oxycontin together?

They do the same thing taking together make a terrible effect. You should never take them together.