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I would consider it safe to use another form of Birth Control along with the pill as long as it didn't contain hormones as the pill does. You don't want to put too many different hormones in your body. If you can buy it at a store without a prescription from a doctor, it's probably safe to take with the pill. But read the package just to be safe. It will say on the package not to take with the pill if it isn't safe.

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Q: Is it safe to take the pill and a spermicidal suppository or film as added protection against pregnancy?
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If you use a spermicidal condom does some of the spermicide from the condom remain inside the female for a little while or does it just stop killing sperm one the condom is taken out of the female?

Some of the spermicide will remain in the female but not enough to protect against pregnancy once the condom is removed. Spermicidal condoms are being criticized for reducing protection against STDs--the spermicide makes cell membranes less resistant to infections.

Are condoms good enough as the only protection?

Apart from abstention they are the best protection against STDs. There are other alternatives for contraception such as spermicidal gels, IUDs, oral pills, sterilisation etc.

Can you get shingles if you're pregnant?

Yes. You can get shingles during pregnancy. Pregnancy does not give you protection against shingles.

What STD can your body create while your pregnant?

You body doesn't create STDs.Pregnancy does not provide protection against STDs, so you can pass along any that you might have.Pregnancy usually provides protection against a second pregnancy, but you're already pregnant.

What will happen if you have an IUD and a condom gets stuck?

The IUD will provide the same protection against pregnancy. As usual, it won't provide protection against sexually transmissible infection.

Are condoms the best protection?

Depends. There are other methods that are more reliable WRT pregnancy. But condoms are the best protection against STDs.

What are the chances of getting pregnant while using protection?

most contraception if used properly is 93-99.9 percent effective against pregnancy. condoms are best for protecting against both pregnancy and disease.

Will missing two pills and then taking three in one day give you protection against pregnancy?

No. It will not. If you need emergency protection against pregnancy you need emergency contraceptives within 48 hours of the unprotected sex. This is also known as "The Morning After Pill" But doubling or tripling up will not protect you.

How does spermicidal lube work?

Spermicidal lubricant doesn't protect against STDS like HIV or gonorrhea, first of all. Spermical lube makes things slippery and kills 90% of sperm.

My doctor gave me miconazole vaginal suppository at 12 weeks of pregnancy is it safe?

There isn't a lot of info on how or if it effects a pregnancy. The doctor have to weigh the benefits and risks against each other. You should talk to your doctor to find out how he was thinking and then make your decision on whether you want to use it or not.

How reliable are spermicidal lubricated condoms?

If used correctly, they are 97% effective. The good thing about the spermicidal condoms are if the condom leaks or breaks, your chances of getting pregnant are still somewhat slim because the spermicide may kill the sperm that 'got away'. Also, condoms are the only protection one gets against STDs. The thing is, when used often, spermicide is harmful to the vagina.

What happens if you leave the nuva ring in too long?

After four weeks with the same ring in, you'll no longer have protection against pregnancy.

How quickly does the depo shot work?

If the injection is given between the first and last day of your menstrual flow, the protection against pregnancy begins immediately.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you put your penis inside her and then pulled it out but you're not sure if you precame or not?

Yes she can. Use protection against pregnancy and infection. Or just say NO

After period on nuva ring can you get pregnant?

Your vaginal bleeding doesn't matter. You are not protected against pregnancy if the Nuva Ring was out for more than seven days. If you used it correctly during the previous three weeks, you have the same protection against pregnancy during the seven days the ring is out.

Should you use a condom if you're on the birth control patch?

Using a condom when on hormonal birth control has a couple of advantages. It gives you protection against sexually transmitted infections, which the patch can't do. In addition, if you make a mistake with the patch, you'll still have protection against pregnancy.

Do you think it is inconsistent with Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination Act?

Consider the following fictional scenario. The Commonwealth passes the Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination Act. This Act requires employers to treat pregnancy the same as any other disability. The NSW Parliament subsequently passes the Pregnant Employees' Leave Act which requires employers to give pregnant employees three months' paid maternity leave. There are no NSW laws requiring employers to provide paid leave to other employees who are temporarily unable to work. An employer channeling's the Pregnant Employees Leave Act (NSW) on the ground that it gives pregnancy preferential treatment and is therefore inconsistent with the Protection against Pregnancy Discrimination Act(Cth). Do you think it is inconsistent? Argue for your view, supporting your answer by reference to relevant feminist theories.

Why are young girls immunized against rubella?

Girls need protection against rubella in case of pregnancy. If a pregnant women should get rubella it will cause teratogenic to the unborn baby. Those can be eye, ear, heart and brain teratogenic. Mostly this will happen during the first thre months of pregnancy. In case of pregnancy the doctors in Germany make a blood test to find out if the women has immunisation against rubella.

NuvaRing I know you're supposed to use protection the first week of NuvaRing but I was wondering if this is still necessary after the first month?

It is not necessary to use a backup method of birth control or extra protection after the first 7 days of using NuvaRing. However, always keep in mind that NuvaRing only protects against unwanted pregnancy and does not protect against STDs. Condoms are suggested for protection against STDs.

What is the Objective of consumer protection act?

Consumer protection is essential for a healthy economy. We need Consumer Protection Act for the following:- Physical protection of the consumer. Protection against deceptive and unfair trade practices. Protection against all types of pollution. Protection against the abuse of monopoly position and/or restrictive trade practices. Protection of enjoying the rights.

What can fuses not provide protection against?

Fuses provide protection against over current (e.g. in case of circuit fault or short circuit), but do not provide protection against over voltage.

Hello i started using Diane-35 for the first time i started it on the first day of my period and then i used no protection for the month how likely is it to become pregnant?

Hi. It takes 4 weeks until birth control protects you against pregnancy. You are at risk of pregnancy as you didn't use any protection. If you perform a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after intercourse the result will be accurate.

If you start taking the pill the first day of the period instead of starting Sunday as recommended?

If you start the pill on the first day of your period, you have immediate protection against pregnancy.

Effectivness from the pill?

The birth control pill is known to be from 96%-99% effective to prevent pregnancy, while it is important to remember it offers zero protection against STDs.

Can you get HIV if you withdraw?

Oh sure. Pretty much the only thing you can change by pulling out is where the wet spot will go. It's not much protection against pregnancy either.