Is it safe to use Windows 7 Loader?

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Yes. Some antivirus programs may wrongly detect it as a virus, but it is not.
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Does Windows 7 have to be purchased in order to use?

Both yes and no. Yes: It does have to be purchased if you want to buy the installation disks located within a Windows 7 CD/DVD case from Walmart, TARGET, Meijer (only found in the Midwest ), BEST BUY, HHGREGG CIRCUIT CITY. No: You can go to Softpedia and download the Windows 7 Beta ( Full Answer )

How do you install Windows 7 using pendrive?

Format the Drive with NTFS using a Vista computer (or Win7) . go into disk manager and set the Pen drive to Active . Then just copy the whole DVD to the Pendrive. . then you can boot from it (on most USB 2.0 computers)

How can you use InCD with Windows 7?

inCD install directory (C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\InCD) contains (between others) these files: InCD.exe, InCDL.exe, InCDsrv.exe, NBHGui.exe. I marked all of them (properties / compatibility) in the mood of compatibility with Windows Vista SP2. And InCD seems to be working well for me (tested on W ( Full Answer )

What is Windows 7 loader?

windows7 loader is a program that will make a non-genuine copyof Windows 7 activated permanently. Windows 7 RTM UltimateActivation with OEM Information This activator works only for RTM ULTIMATE (Retail and OEM Edition) It does NOT work on Ultimate 'E' (European) Edition. Tested and working on both ( Full Answer )

Can you use windows mail in Windows 7?

Yes, you can use Windows Mail in Windows 7 but there are some things you need to do first to get it working. The Windows 7 Windows Mail program file is not active, so Windows Mail will not run from this file. So what you need to do is to delete the Windows Mail program file for Windows 7. And repl ( Full Answer )

I am not able to view my Boot loader screen today after I installed Windows Xp Sp3 in another partition Earlier I could select either Windows Xp-sp2 Windows 7-32bit or Windows 7-64bit?

I had the exact same problem with my own computer. Apparently, Windows 7 doesn't work that well with Windows XP's boot loader (when dual booting). I solved the problem (well...sort of) by booting into my Windows 7 partition, Installing EasyBCD ( and adding Windows XP ( Full Answer )

Can you use Windows 7 on a XP computer?

As long as the computer meets the system requirements for Windows 7, and you are able to locate drivers for all of your hardware, yes.

How safe is Windows 7?

Parents get a chance to control their children with Windows 7 Windows 7 allows you to filter web and permits you to block certain websites and file downloads. You can exactly specify the logging time which enable the user to log on to the computer at the mentioned time only and by setting limit ( Full Answer )

How much memory can Windows 7 use?

The 32-bit systems are limited to 3GB. The 64-bit can handle 24GB (that's the highest I've seen on a computer - the Maingear Shift) although where its actual limit is I don't know.

How do you use Maplestory with Windows 7?

You have to go to the Nexon or Maplestory folder and you will see a Game launcher. Put it on destop and name it Maplestory, then click on it and you will play. Do not click the one that says >Go to Website

Can Windows 7 be used on multi computers?

Windows 7 cannot be used on multiple computers. The license is onlygood for one computer unless you buy a corporate license whichallows you to install it on multiple computers.

How do you use Firefox with Windows 7?

You must download the web browser from Mozilla's official page, install it and run the .exe file. The use is pretty much same as any other web browser.

Can you use Windows 7 and windows on same PC?

Answer: Yes, and it's called Dualbooting. The steps to create a dualboot system with WindowsXP, Vista and/or Windows7 are too detailed to list here, but here are the basic steps. First you need to divide the hard drive into two logical sectors (sections) 1. Using the Windows Disk management progra ( Full Answer )

How do you restart windows 7 in safe mode?

There are two ways you can do this. Assuming you can get into your computer, you can set it up to automatically reboot in Safe. 1. Press and hold the Windows key + R to execute "Run" 2. Type "MSCONFIG" without quotes, press enter 3. Open the second tab: "Boot" 4. Find the "Boot Options" b ( Full Answer )

Can Windows 7 be used on any computer?

No, Windows 7 CANNOT be used on any computer. Windows 7 can only be used on computers that have 3 gigabytes (gigs) of RAM.

How do you use Windows Explorer in Windows 7?

If you look at your task bar, you will see an icon that looks like a couple of file folders. click on that and it will open the windows explorer for windows 7. alternatively if you right click on the start menu button, there will be the option to open windows explorer. but clicking the icon mentione ( Full Answer )

Can window 7 used in apple computer?

Yes! Windows 7 can be used on an Apple computer by using Boot Camp. Very detailed instructions are available on Apple's website, as well as the download for Boot Camp. Note also that you need a valid Windows DVD, which can cost upwards of 100 dollars.

How can I use incompatible program in window 7?

Use Microsoft Virtual PC (it's free and can be download together with image of XP from Microsoft's website), it allows you run applications created for Windows XP under Seven.

What file system is used in Windows 7?

Seven uses NTFS, FAT, and FAT32 that I know of. If you are formatting a hard drive, use NTFS. If you are formatting a memory card or usb drive use FAT32.

How do you use snap in Windows 7?

Drag one window to the left and another to the right. They will snap in to place using half the screen.

Can you use wrt54gs on Windows 7?

Operating systems including Windows 7 do not "care" about router you have. It means that any router will work just fine as far as you have established connection. Which is in its turn depends on if you have proper drivers for your network adapter (either wireless or wired).

Can you use a Ps3 controller on Windows 7?

No, Not on any windows including windows 7. It is for a PS3 and if you mean the Dual Shock 3 it is supposed to be Bluetooth and will be under used to only play with the USB connection if it did work.

How do you use gadget in window 7?

Simply Right Click anywhere on the desktop and you will have an option for "Gadgets" Select that and you will be able to choose from a bunch of different gadgets that show you information. There is even a "Get more gadgets online" option to get new ones directly from Microsoft's website

Does mac computers use Windows 7?

Mac computers are supplied with MacOS; it is possible to install Windows 7 on a Mac using a system called boot camp, but you would have to buy the Windows 7 separately.

How can you use a mic in Windows 7?

Connect a microphone into the microphone input on your computer. You can use an audio recording program to record your voice.

Can you use both Windows XP and Windows 7?

Yes, you can have many "Virtual" different systems running on your computer. Linux, Win98, Winxp, Win7, Beos, etc. All you have to do is download a free program from VMWare. Search the internet for "VMWare" and follow the instructions. A time limited program, you can run under virtual winxp and when ( Full Answer )

Why is Windows 7 used?

because it is so much better then the previous versions of windows both graphically and in performance. its faster and smarter than the previous versions of windows

What is available when using Windows 7?

You get a whole pile of good looking features, including... Aero Desktop (improved) . Aero Peek: A specific open window or all open windows can be made transparent . Aero Snaps: Open windows can be snapped to screen borders, Maximized by dragging to the top, snapped to the left hand side by ( Full Answer )

Can you do dual boot using windows 2000 with windows 7?

Yes, you can. Split the disk in at least 2 partitions. First install Windows 2000 on disk C and then install Windows 7 on the disk D. You can install Windows 2000 on disk D and then Windows 7 on disk C. But the order of installation must be preserved.

Can you use a Windows boot loader to load the Linux operating system?

Yes you can. Ubuntu's WUBI uses the Windows bootloader (NTLDR) to boot Linux. It also uses the Windows filesystem (NTFS). This, however, is not the traditional way to do things. The traditional way to dual-boot Linux and Windows is to use a generic bootloader such as Grub to boot both Windows and Li ( Full Answer )

What are boot loader feature in windows 7?

Following are the boot loader features of windows 7: a) Windows Boot Manager(Bootmgr.exe) b) Windows Operating System loader c) Windows Resume Loader

How can you find loader to activate windows 7 home premium?

I'm not sure what you mean by loader but to activate windows 7 Home Premium all you have to do is open the start menu, right click on Computer and click properties. Then click activate windows and you should be good to go.

How can i used java for in windows 7 and why?

Java is needed for running Java applications like some games, online banking etc. Without it you will not be able to use these applications at all. Unless they upgrade to HTML 5. Then the users won't have to install and maintain the software for the applications.

Can Windows 7 use itunes?

Yes you can download a compatible version of iTunes on their official site for Windows.

What software is used to run Windows 7?

Everything included(software) to run Windows 7 is in the DVD. Read up on "Operating systems" or Microsoft's "Windows Virtual PC".

When was Window 7 released for public use?

The operating system "Windows 7" was released for public use in October of 2009. The Operating system that it replaced was "Windows Vista", a very troubled Operating system. The new OS to upgrade from Windows 7 is Windows 8 and it was released in October of 2012.