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  • Jen, Waxing, plucking or shaving the unwanted hair is safe, but hair removal creams (depilatories)contain chemicals that haven't been extensively studied. Just to be on the safe side I would avoid it. The skin is the largest organ of the body so anything you put on your skin in dissolved into the body.
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Q: Is it safe to use cream bleach for face or body after the first trimester?
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What trimester does organs develop in a fetus?

The major body organs form in the first trimester

How long does it take your body to heal after a miscarriage?

It depend on what trimester you are in. If it is the first trimester, your body will feel okay in about a week. If you have a miscarriage in the second trimester or later, you are likely to experience abdominal pain and really heavy bleeding. The body may take up to a month to heal.

Cells organize to form body structures during the of pregnancy?

first trimester

Which trimester does the placenta being to absorb nutrients and oxygen from the mothers body?


Which trimester does the placenta begins absorbing nutrients and oxygen from the mother's body?

its the first

Match each stage of pregnancy with its corresponding description A First trimester Marked by the growth and maturation of the fetus's organs and body systems B Second trimester All of the baby's?

1st trimester- all of the baby's body structures and systems develop 2nd trimester- marked by the grown and masturbation of the fetus's organs and body systems. 3rd trimester- the fetal systems continue to grow and mature also the time of the greatest weight gain

What trimester does the fetus accumulate body fat and mineral stores?

3rd trimester

What does it mean if you have stomach pain in the first trimester of a pregnancy?

Most of the time, stomach pain and light cramps in the first trimester are completely normal, because your uterus is starting to really stretch out, and your body is getting used to being pregnant. Most first trimester stomach pains and cramps are due to your newly stretching uterus.

Do pregnant women feel craps in the first trimester?

Some women have cramping throughout the entire first trimester, while other don't. The cramping is usually caused by the uterus stretching and their body getting used to being pregnant.

Why do women dream about frogs worms and potted plants in their first trimester?

Many women experience very unusual dream during pregnancy, not just the first trimester. This is because of the high level of hormones raging through your body.

How do you bleach hairs on your body?

Get hair bleach from your local pharmacy !

The woman is pregnant and she is taking oxycotnin is that ok?

Absolutely not as it affects the fetus especially in the first trimester when the organs of the body are forming.

What kind of bleach to use for body hair?

Do not use any kind of bleach for your body hair.Best to use lemon juice instead,if you want to lighten!NO BLEACH!

Can you take cough or cold medicine while 1 month pregnant?

I am not a doctor and you need to consult your doctor on this question. My doctor told me you have to be very careful about the medicines you take in the first trimester. The first trimester is when all the organs form and so you must becreful about what enters your body!

Can clhorine bleach kill HIV outside the body?

Chlorine bleach has been found effective in killing HIV outside of the body.

What happens at the end of the second trimester in pregnancy?

Body parts are formed.

Is constipation normal in the first trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, it's very normal. It's because of the hormones - they affect your whole body and can cause constipation

Can bleach cleanse your body of marijuana?

Bleach will 'cleanse' your body of a lot of things. Please try something less toxic, such as a shower and/or soap.

Do you show at 17 weeks and five days?

Some do. It depends on the woman and her body and if it's her first pregnancy or not. After the first one you usually show earlier. You start to show sometime in the second trimester.

What happens during the third trimester of pregnancy?

The body organs are developed and refined.

Marked by the growth and maturation of the fetus's organs and body systems?

second trimester

Will bleach and water clean your system?

Bleach and water work well for cleaning water systems, but you need to flush and insure the bleach is out before you drink it. And no, bleach and water are not good for your body systems!

What is Nivea cream?

It is a smooth moisturizing cream/lotion for the body.

Is it okay to sleep on your stomach on the first and early second trimester of pregnancy?

Yes, your body will tell you when you can no longer sleep on your stomach, probably sometime around 16 weeks.

Is it okay to have a dicharge in first trimester?

As in clear or creamy discharge? This is very normal - you often get more of it when you're pregnant due to the hormones making your body produce more of it