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You could have a slight concusion you will probably be ok but if you notice many more changes go to the hospital and get an x-ray or a small emergency medical center it would be cheaper and pay cash. That way it would be cheaper all the way around. Is your vision good? That is something to consider. Your brain probably got jolted and it is reacting to it. Sometimes also the scull can get a hairline crack which can cause these symptoms you said you have. Even so it will heal. Like I said though if you get any other strange sensations in your head it could be bleeding is taking place not something to mess with. If you did not hit your head that hard you may know if that is the case by your situation. Hope your alright.

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Q: Is it serious if you banged the front part of your head and you now have a headache and felt slightly dizzy a while ago?
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Is it serious if you've banged the forehead and you have headaches and felt dizzy and faint when you stand up?

YES! I think you need a doctor.

How do know if a bump on a child's forehead is serious?

If you go to a doctor he/she can tell you. You can also check if the child was unconscious or is dizzy or has a severe headache.

Can kidney stones cause you to be dizzy and have a headache?


Earliest signs of pregnancy with headache and dizzy?

Yes these are one of the signs.

Why do I have a headache am dizzy and feel tired?

you could have low blood pressure

What happens if you are on the computer for too long?

It may give you a headache, and make you dizzy.

Is it normal to have nausea with a headache?

Of course, your headache causes your brain to feel dizzy which slows down the blood passing by in your head. Another ways, yes...

How does it fell to get your period?

well you can get drowsy, dizzy headache's, but many people get different symptoms

Is wearing one contact lense bad?

It won't cause any serious damage, but it can give you a bad headache or make you feel dizzy or nauseous because of the lack of balance and so much strain on only one eye.

What are signs of an exhaust leak?

Headache Nausea Sleepy Dizzy Death All from carbon monoxide poisoning

Does ephedrine affect hair?

It is not reported that ephedrine affects hair. It can cause you to become dizzy, get a headache, and lose your appetite.

You are 38 weeks pregnant and feel dizzy with a bit of a headache what does this mean?

Either high blood pressure or preeclampsia

What causes you to have frontal headache and dizzy when laying down?

the blood is not flowing to all parts of the body especially the head.

Can allergies make you tired dizzy?

Yes, allergies can cause one to feel dizzy, light headed and drained. Your body may also react to an allergy with a headache, rash, hives, swelling and vomiting.

Does a cild of 14 who has felt dizzy for the last 2 hrs with a headache have a worrying symptom?

Yes, go see a doctor.

Why do my forearms and hands cramp up curling my fingers into a claw today it has not stopped for seven hours now?

Please visit your PCP (primary care doctor) as soon as possible. If you are dizzy, sweating or have a headache, head over to the hospital right away. This could be serious.

I have Weakness in my right arm that comes and goes. Also dizzy spells. Is this serious?

HI friend you condition could be slightly serious , it look like there is some problem with you vertebral column , go see a doctor . and makes sure you dont tak a pillow if you sleep facing up

My mom has swollen lips swollen throat shes dizzy headache and her lips are purple what is it help?

you need to phone 911 ASAP

When you sit up or stand up you get alittle dizzy and you get a short headache What is wrong with you?

These symptoms are very non-specific and it is not possible to diagnose a problem on the internet. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders, seek the help of a qualified and board certified Migraine and headache specialist.

What are the features of a xbox 720?

This time, when you see it, you'll turn 720 degrees and get slightly dizzy.

How do you know when your cold is over?

your nose will stop running, you won't have a headache, maybe your throat will not be raspy (if it ever was raspy) and when you get out of bed you will not feel dizzy.

Should you be worried after breathing in bleach I have a headache I am dizzy and I started vomiting?

You should be very concerned! Go to a hospital now! What are you doing on the internet?!

Why do you get dizzy when you get up to fast?

The fluid in your brain starts spinning. You get dizzy when you get up too fast because when you are sitting down, all the the blood is in you arms and legs, but when you stand up really quick, all of the blood rushes to your head, therefore you either get a headache or get dizzy. Its basically the reaction to the speed of your blood movement.

What should you do for a headache and dizziness?

a headache alone is nothing to worry about. Take a paracetramol (or aspirin but only if you are more than 20 years old) If you feel very dizzy for a longer period go to the ER

Can inhaling helium give you a headache?

Yes, the helium doesn't let oxygen get through to your brain and can definitly make you feel light headed an dizzy.

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