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That depends... What does the noise sound like? Where does it seems to come from? Does it only happen at certain speeds? When shifting gears? When braking? When turning? When accelerating? Is there a vibration with the noise? This question can not be honestly answer without being a lot more descriptive. My car is making a clicking noise when sounds like a can of marbles...what can be causing this to happen. It has been doing it for 4 years and no one seems to ever know where it is coming from. Could it be from the crankshaft? answer mabe the cam shaft or the lifters not the crankshaft more likely to be a leak around the exhaust manifold

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Q: Is it serious if your car makes noise during driving?
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Car makes noise when driving?

You can use a car noise database to compare noises at

What makes a rattle noise only when your driving and when you press the gas?

This be a wide range of things does it make the noise when the vehicle is in park and you rev up the engine ? It could be a heat shield on the exhaust system. it does not make the noise if it is just idling....but if you press the gas it makes a noise and when ur driving it makes noise. But I had to put a flang where the header conects to the exaust cuz it was leaking and i thought that was where the noise was comin from but its still makin the noise.

Your 95 Corsica makes a roar noise when driving and the noise slows down as it accelerates what is it?

A faulty fan clutch.

What makes a Truck have humming noise only when driving?

it could be your tires on the pavement.

What is wrong if it makes a loud squealing noise when driving?

either your hand brake has got something wrong with it and is stickingm, so that makes your tires rub against the road which makes a horrible noise!

What makes noise in Honda CR-V 1997?

My 1997 Honda CRV is making a rattling noise when driving in rough roads

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Why does my Car makes loud noise when accelerating?

There are many possibilities from minor to serious. Take it to a trusted mechanic for diagnoses.

Why would a car make a humming noise when started n sometimes while driving?

it does that because it has a generator which makes the engine makes these sounds

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Why would my 93 geo trackers clutch makes a lot of noise when released and makes noise in 1 2 3 5 gear while driving a sort of grinding wineing sound push clutch in no noise?

You probably have a "throwout bearing" going bad.

My 1999 dodge Dakota engine makes a vibrating noise at 3000 rpm when driving and stooped?

your car is making that noise because your muffler needs oil and fume

Why HONDA 1997 crv makes a loud when driving in rough roads?

A loud noise of some kind, but what kind and from where?

After my camaro has been driving around it makes a ticking noise?

Sounds to me like HOT exhaust cooling down.

What does it mean when a car's brakes makes noise while driving?

it means your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced

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As your car accelerates your car makes a loud grinding noise when driving forward but when you turn the noise fades a little bit?

Could be a wheel bearing/hub going bad.

97 Nissan Pathfiner makes rattle noise when driving?

if the noise is occurring during acceleration, it is most likely ur heat shield. no worries though because u can simply bend it. this should stop the rattle. however if ur heat shield is internal, you have to put a small pinch in the exhaust. this closes the gap, thus deadening the noise

1999 aurora makes humming noise pitch rises with speed not the wheel bearings other ideas?

I have heard that if you have papers or napkins in the glove compartment box they can get sucked into the air vent which then makes a humming noise that you can hear while driving and as you increase the speed the pitch of the noise gets louder.

Why is there a loud vibrating noise on or around the left side of windshield when driving in windy conditions which makes it loud and annoying?

to be cool

What could be wrong with a car if it makes a screech noise when driving?

Numerous possibilities, wheel bearing, brakes, belts, etc.

Where is the idler pulley does it make a noise?

Is it serious if my car idler is making a noise?

What causes a knocking noise to occur during normal driving while slightly turning right.?

tie rods

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