Is it still possible that you can get pregnant if the sperm is coming out after sex when you urinate?


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YES. Each time a man ejaculates he releases aprox 300,000 sperm. One drop can contain thousands. And once he cums in you the rest will fall out. It only takes 45 minutes to 2 hours for one drop of sperm to reach the egg. Not only do those little sperms have powerful tails but the uturus helps them swim. Gravity and urination have nothing to do with falling pregnant. For one thing, Wee comes from your bladder and not from your uturus. Even though some sperm may fall out when you go to the toilet, just think of all the other sperm that are still in there. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET RID OF ALL OF THE SPERM! let me know how you go.


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It is possible, but unlikely to get pregnant from sperm on your vagina.

You cannot get pregnant from swallowing sperm, only if the sperm enters the vagina.

Yes, if the sperm is still alive there is the possible chance she can get pregnant.

No. To get pregnant, there needs to be sperm and and egg. Eggs come from girls and sperm from boys.

Yes, you are very fertile just after your period ends. and even if he did pull out, you could be pregnant.

Many condoms are made with a spermicidal chemical that kills sperm, but if this is not present then, yes the sperm inside a condom can get you pregnant.

No, the only possible way to get pregnant is if his sperm makes contact with your eggs, in the vagina.

Women do not have sperm. Only men, so a woman can not make herself pregnant.

No. The only way to get pregnant is to be impregnated, and that means having a sperm cell fertilize your egg, or ovum.

To become pregnant, sperm must enter the female's vagina. If no sperm is involved, it isn't possible.

No, you can't get pregnant that way, it isn't possible.

It is possible for those sperm to find their way into the uterus and cause pregnancy.

If the sperm comes in contact with her vagina, yes. It is quite unlikely that this would cause pregnancy but it is possible. To avoid pregnancy, it is best to avoid sperm coming in contact with the vagina without protection or contraception.

No! if his sperm isn't inserted into your cervix then it is not possible for you to get pregnant

Yes, it is possible to get pregnant even if your partner did not ejaculate. Sperm can be found in pre-cum.

Yes. If its coming from a healthy person it won't get you sick or pregnant.

If the sperm has reached the egg that is coming from your ovaries will be pregnant no matter how hard you wash the sperm off. Your egg is not in your reach when it's stuck to your vagina.

If sperm has entered the virgina, pregnancy is perfectly possible.

No, not unless you are putting sperm inside you

Normally this does not happen. But then it is possible.

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