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Is it strange for a 21-year-old woman to date a man 8 and a half years older than her?

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Not at all. It seems strange in these modern times, but right up until the late 40's most men were 7 - 10 years older (sometimes more) than their wives. My father was exactly 8 years older than my mother. If two people love each other then it really doesn't matter. 8 years isn't that much and I highly doubt you are looking for a father figure. Go for it!

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Is it strange to like a girl 3 years older than you?

Not at all

Can you marry a woman who is 16 years older than you?

Yes you can.

Did shakespeare marry an older woman?

yes, he did. his wife was eight years older than Shakespeare himself.

Can a man marry a woman who is three years older than him?


Is it okay to date a woman 5 years older than yourself?

As long as you both are older then 18, then yes.

Would you date an older woman who is 3 years older?

If you really feel you love her, then there should be no boundaries for love. Why the hell not?

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What is a woman spinster?

A spinster is an older, unmarried woman. This was (in years gone by) a derogatory term based on the assumption that there must have been something wrong with the woman if she didn't marry.

Will marrying a woman who is almost twenty years older work out?

Only if both sides are mature.

If you marry an older girl Is that biologycally harmful for us?

No. For a man to marry a woman up to about 10-15 years older than he is, is practically ideal.

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if you mean big in size i don't know , he really have strange taste in woman he likes kim Kardashian, who is older than him by 13 years so it is not so far that he likes big girls :D

Would Justin Bieber date women 21 years old and older?

It is more likely for a young man to date someone who is his age or 1 to 2 years younger. Even a woman 1 to 2 years older would have more in common with the young man. While some younger men have dated a woman much older, the relationship usually does not last very long.

What is the title of the movie where an older woman on a train is replaced by another and she is a German spy?

"The Lady Vanishes" by Alfred Hitchcock. I believe it was remade years later but the remake was not as well received as the original. The older woman was a spy for the British, not the Germans.

Do you have to be 21 years old to be a police woman?

no you can be 18 or older to be a cop/police. but at 15 you can join the school as a volinteer.

Is it wrong for Justin Bieber to be dating a older woman?

depends how old..and no 2 years with selense Gomez is not wrong

Is it normal for a woman who has been on methadone for twelve years to feel very strange when she is coming off of it?

absouloutly i am comming off it for a year and i am dyin

Who is older Julius Caesar or tutankharmen?

Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.Tut is older than Caesar by about 1,200 years.

Is it ok for a young woman 21 years old to ask an older man 38 years old on a date?

no go for it you should date whoever you want!

What is the best age for cow to have first baby?

2 years old or older.2 years old or older.

If a man marries an older woman can they have a child?

Basic principles of biology. Age doesn't matter, unless she has entered menapause and is no longer able to have children, something that typically happens in the 50 year range, but varies from woman to woman. Yes, if the young man isn't a minor. Women shouldn't have children after the age of 40 - 43 and it's a risk then. It something you are going to have to discuss with her. Her biological clock in running out. I'm 4 years older than my husband, and his brother is married to a woman that is 7 years older than him and they've been married for 40 years or more with 4 children.

How many years older is Jennette McCurdys older brother Marcus?

22 years older.

What percent of women live to be 95 years old?

It is estimated that approximately 4% of women live to be 95 years old or older. The average age for a woman these days is 78 years old.

Can woman who is 4 months older than the man get married to him?

Yes. Often there are many years difference between husband and wife.

Is Johnny Rotten gay?

Heavens, no!He has been married to a much older woman named Nora for over 30 years now.

Is there a Chinese superstition about an older woman marrying a younger man?

i dont think so. is just a stereotype thinking that man should be a few years older then the woman in their marriage. a large difference in the age regardless of gender just seems odd to some people.