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Is it too late for a 12-year-old gymnast in level six to become an elite?



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I think so. Generally there are no competing elites past age 20, so that would give you 6 - 8 years...and you need to move up 5 levels. So it's possible, but not likely. Most elites were level 6 probably around age 8 or younger.

It's never too late for anything.

I believe that everything is possible if you put your heart and mind into it!!

I think that since your only 12 and in level 6, if you work hard it's possible, it's not like your 15 or something,

No 12 is not late for starting gymnastics. I know this because I'm 14years old and I'm starting gymnastics next year (which is in less than a month) I am very happy.

PS: When you go to a gymnastics club some of them have a free trial. Which you don't have to play...

One very obvious exception to an elite gymnast being over 20 nowadays is Oksana Chousovitina from Uzbekistan/Russia/Germany. I know she was still competing in 2008/09 mainly as a specialist which would put her age at being 31-32 years of age, married with 2 children. She started appearing in major competitions at the 1991 World Championships in Indianapolis USA so putting her elite career at over 17 years.