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Is it too late for a talented 37-year-old female drummer to become a famous rock star?



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Keep in mind that it is very difficult for anybody to become a famous rock star, and nothing about your description would seem to overcome that basic hurdle. Also, you are not going to become a famous rock musician as a solo drummer (there has never been one), so you are going to need to form or join a band as a first step. Once you've done that, I don't see any reason why your age should stop you. The Rolling Stones would have been collecting a pension by now if they were regular working stiffs, so you've got easily 20 years to make your mark. It isn't too late for a TALENTED 37 year old to become a famous rock star, but it will be hard. My advice is to focus on another dream. If you're REALLY talented you have a shot, but it's very unlikely. Keep on believing and you just might make it!