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Keep in mind that it is very difficult for anybody to become a famous rock star, and nothing about your description would seem to overcome that basic hurdle. Also, you are not going to become a famous rock musician as a solo drummer (there has never been one), so you are going to need to form or join a band as a first step. Once you've done that, I don't see any reason why your age should stop you. The Rolling Stones would have been collecting a pension by now if they were regular working stiffs, so you've got easily 20 years to make your mark. It isn't too late for a TALENTED 37 year old to become a famous rock star, but it will be hard. My advice is to focus on another dream. If you're REALLY talented you have a shot, but it's very unlikely. Keep on believing and you just might make it!

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How can people become famous?

you have to be talented and if you have a family member that is famous you could be famous

How did he become famous Jesse McCartney?

He is talented. And that's why he baceme famous.

How did Ringo Starr become famous?

He was the drummer in The Beatles

Can you become famous on YouTube?

yes if your really really talented! xoxox

How do you you get famous?

To get famous you have to be talented

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First he was a model, then he became an actor. Now he is dating an English drummer.

How can a 9 year old girl become a famous singer?

A 9 year old girl can become a famous singer if she was really talented and belived in her self and had parnets that supported her dreams.

How can you become famous as a kid?

It used to be that a kid could become famous by being talented and doing something wonderful. Today, some kids can become famous way too soon by doing something outrageous. Find your passion, and work it with all you've got. If you are meant to be famous you will be.

How can you become a 11 year old famous singer like Miley Cyrus?

You have to have a good voice,confidence,and you have to be talented.

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Because he is the most rippin' drummer in the world! Best drummer of this generation at least! Rush is really famous as well as neil

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Phil Collins was the drummer for Genesis.

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Jim Gordon, the most famous drummer you never heard of

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you show what your talented at

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What are the benefits of becoming a music composer?

You become famous and talented You will make alot of money and get to meet the stars. It is a good job if you are good at it.

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Tupac Shakur became famous by being a highly talented poet, rapper, and musical artist. He was protégé of Digital Underground.

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He was incredibly talented and brilliant. Also, his dad took him on tour early in his childhood, showing off his talents.

Who is the most famous drummer?

Ringo Starr (The Beatles) is the most famous drummer who ever lived. Almost everybody knows who Ringo Starr is and what he does. Travis Barker

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The Eagles

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SHE is a famous and talented female rapper

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Why was Bach famous during life?

He was famous as a musician during his lifetime because he was talented.

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