Is it true love when you can not stop thinking of her her face comes in front of you every second you feel nothing interesting except her you are 15 now?

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2007-06-22 09:30:01
2007-06-22 09:30:01

sounds more like your hormones are working overtime. Thinking of someone 24/7 is different from actually living with someone and being in a relationship with them. Just because you see her face every now and then doesn't mean you two are a match made in heaven. Get to know her and see if the both of you are compatible. I really liked this girl in my class, she looked great (and she had really nice hair) but then one day I saw her get up and leave because her friends were teasing her about something or the other (pretty sure it wasn't me). Anyway it showed me that a person who was this sensitve and rather naive was not the person for me at all. So you see its better to play it safe and get to know the person before you donate a kidney to her or sell your soul to the devil for an all access pass to her love rock because you may regret it later.

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