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Is it true men don't read?

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βˆ™ 2008-07-16 00:59:42

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No, they read too.

2008-07-16 00:59:42
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Is it true men dont have butholes?

No. Men do, indeed, have anuses (or "buttholes").

How does act one end in 12 angry men?

i dont know read the book

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the answer to youre question is...if youre black dont read this book and throw your laptop out of the window after you read it if you read it

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No it is not true. If it was I would have been dead about a thousand times in just these last two months.

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most men dont show effection because they are scared to share their true feelings. Also because they dont want to look like a wimp to their friends but after he really falls for you he will show them.

Do Pentecostal men and women wear jewelry?

no they dont, you should read 1 Timothy 2:9-15 :)

Will a guy who likes you know the guy you like's feelings towards you?

Not unless you tell him. Men dont read minds.

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u dont read videos, u watch them you watch videos! you dont read them

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Honestly, i think so because when men are drunk they blurt out the truth. And they sometimes say thinks that they dont mean but are true

True or false can men get breast cancer?

It is TRUE, men can get breast cancer.

Does Quakers insisted on equality of men of men and women true or false?


Why do women cheat on their spouses?

The same reason as men, at the end of the day there is only one true reason, they dont love there spouse enough.

How do you understand your men?

you dont. men are totally unpredictable

Is it true Robert Pattinson never showers?

I dont know if Robert Pattinson ever showers. But what I have read in magazines it says that the cast of twilight says that his B.O. is really bad. SO i dont know!!

Why do women get bingo wings and men dont?

The distribution of fat is different in men and women. Men tend to get 'beer bellies', whereas women dont.

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I'm not sure.. You'll have to ask him yourself haha I think i read it here in wiki answers that he is claustrophobic and i dont know if its true but it also said he is scared of escalators....dont know....

How are woman treated in India?

I just read a blog about women in India and it say's that women are not fair with men, is it true? so there's a form of discremination

What order do you put the men in on red dragon island?

It took me a long time, but i dont remember. All you have to do is read the clues carefully. Hope I helped. ;P

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I think I read somewhere that his middle name is Thomas...but I see different stuff about him all the time...dont know what is true and what is not.

What Neil Armstrong likes to read?

i dont know if he likes to read

Is it true that women are more naturally flexible than men?

yes this is true but it is also true that some men can be more flexible then women.

What is the magazine read by men all over the world?

The magazine read by men all around the world is Sports Illistruated

What is the percent of men and women that can read in the US?

men 23% Woman 98% who else is going to read the cook book?