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No most of Billy Talents songs are not random songs about suffering or hate like other emo bands a lot are based on real stories that the band have heard off or has happened to them or their friends

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When was Billy Talent created?

Billy Talent was created in 1993.

Were is billy talent from?

I'm sure you mean Where are Billy Talent from. They are a Canadian rock band who were originally called Pezz! but changed the name due to a lawsuit. As Pezz! they only did one album called Watoosh and as Billy Talent they have made 3, imaginatively titled Billy Talent I, Billy Talent II and Billy Talent III.

How many albums does billy talent have?

8. Billy Talent I Billy Talent II Billy Talent III Billy Talent III 'Guitar Villain' Deluxe Edition 666 Live 666 Live Duluxe Edition Live from the UK iTunes Session

Is Billy Talent Canadian?

Yes, Billy Talent is from Streetsville, Ontario

What album is the navy song by billy talent on?

Billy Talent III.

Is Billy Talent gay?

Billy Talent is the band name. The band is not gay.

What genre is billy talent?

billy talent is considered to be in the genre of punk rock!

What are the cds that billy talent came out with till 2010?

if you mean the studio albums then these are them; back in the late 90's when they were still pezz, the'r first album was called watoosh then they became billy talent and there cd's are billy talent, billy talent II, and most recent billy talent III

When was Billy Talent II created?

Billy Talent II was created on 2006-06-27.

When was Billy Talent III created?

Billy Talent III was created on 2009-07-10.

Do billy talent swear?


The album of Rusted from the rain by billy Talent?

The song Rusted from the Rain is in the Billy Talent III (3) album.

Where was billy talent born?

Billy Talent was not born because Billy Talent is a group and not a single person. But if your thinking about the age of the singer Ben kowalewicz, he is born Dec. 16 1975 in Montreal Quebec

How many songs does Billy Talent have?

12 On Billy Talent 1, 13 On Billy Talent 2, 11 On Billy Talent 3, and 14 On Dead Silence. Not to forget their 4 bonus songs and all 11 songs on their album watoosh! when they used to be called Pezz. So overall 65 songs.

Is Billy Tallent a band or a solo artist?

Billy talent is a band

Who is kooler akon or billy talent?

Deffinitely Billy Talent they relate to the listeners on a mush more personal level and from various perspectives

When was Surrender - Billy Talent song - created?

Surrender - Billy Talent song - was created on 2007-06-11.

Where did billy talent grow up?


Dose billy talent have any brothers or sisters?

If you mean the singer of the band billy talent (singers name is ben kowalewicz), then he has 1 brother

When was Nothing to Lose - Billy Talent song - created?

Nothing to Lose - Billy Talent song - was created on 2004-11-16.

Where do emos cut themselves?

Why do people think its emo to cut. Look true emos dont cut, people who do cut have more deeper problems than emos. But to answer your question arms or legs near the croch.

How many albums has billy talent sold?


Which genre is billy talent?

mostly punk rock

Who is the lead singer of billy talent?

ben kowalewicz

What is the name of the singer of Billy Talent?

Benjamin Kowalewicz