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ive got a 1989 Honda civic DX hatchback

AnswerNo. 88-91 as well.
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What does the EK mean for the Honda Civic?

EK on a Honda Civic refers to the years (1996-2000) the car was made. It is also referred to as the sixth generation Honda Civics. These are all hatchbacks.

When was the Honda Civic Type R manufactured?

The first generation of the Honda Civic Type R (EK9) was manufactured from 1997 - 2000 and was a huge success. The second generation of the Honda Civic Type R (EP3) was manufactured from 2001 - 2005. The third generation of the Honda Civic Type R (FN2/FD2) was manufactured between 2007 - 2010. There is a new fourth generation currently in the research & developmental stages that is scheduled for release sometime in 2015.

What is the difference between the Honda Civic exi and Honda Civic lev?

The two Honda models are different in terms of fittings. The Honda Civic Exi has better features and engine than the Honda Civic Lev.

Which company manufactured the Civic EG6?

The company that manufactured the car, The Civic EG6 would have the be the best company in the world, Honda. They really do make great cars over there.

Difference between a Honda Civic ex and a Honda Civic hx?

Honda HX has a CVT (continuously variable transmission).

What parts are interchangeable between a 1991 Honda Civic and a 1994 Honda Civic?

Most of them should be interchangable

What is the difference between Honda Civic 2002 and Honda Civic 2003?

Differnt wheels is about all the difference.

Where is the Honda Civic manufactured?

the Honda civic is built in East Liberty Ohio Actually, the Civic sedan is built in Greensburg, IN now, at the new plant here. It is no longer built in East Liberty (Marysville) OH.

What parts from another car interchange with a 1990 Honda CRX?

honda civics hatchbacks

How many gallons of gas does a 1993 Honda civic hold?

The CX & VX hatchbacks hold 10 gallons. All the other models that year hold 11.9 gallons.

What is the difference between a Honda Civic dx and a Honda Civic vp?

See Honda_civic_vp

Why is a Honda Civic called a Honda Civic?

cause its a civic that Honda makes

Who is the manufacturer of the Accord Coupe?

The manufacturer of the Accord Coupe is Honda. Honda has manufactured a series of automobiles since 1976. The Accord nameplate has been applied to several vehicles. Some of these vehicles include wagons, coupes, and hatchbacks.

What is the wheel offset on a Honda Civic with 13 inch wheels?

For a Honda civic,offset should be between 38-45.

What parts are compatible between a 96 Honda Civic and a 97 Honda Civic?

The 1996 & 1997 Honda Civic are both the 6th generation so almost all parts should be interchangable.

Will 98 Honda Civic seats fit a 93 Honda Civic?

Will a Honda civic seat fit a 93 Honda accord.

What is the difference between a Honda Civic si and Honda Civic si ep3?

Honda Civic Si and Honda Civic Si EP3 the same thing. There are several different year models of of Honda Civic Si's. EP3 is the chassis code for that specific Civic Si 01-05 was the EP3. So the new Civic Si 06 to current two door model is the FG2. By the way the chassis codes are found in the VIN#.

Difference between Honda Civic 1.8V and 1.8S?


How much is a clutch for a Honda Civic 1.4?

The cost for a clutch in a Honda Civic 1.4 varies by retailer. This part retails between 150.00 and 175.00.

Honda Civic 2001?

were is the antenna on 2001 Honda civic

When was Honda Civic created?

Honda Civic was created in 1973.

How much does a 2003 Honda Civic cost?

A 2003 Honda Civic'c cost will depend largely on the amount of miles on the Honda Civic. The more miles on the civic, the cheaper the Honda Civic will be.

What is the1995 Honda Civic 1.4i tire size hatchback?

Listed in the owners manual and on the drivers door post. It is 165/70-13 on the CX & VX Hatchbacks and 185/60-14 on the Si Hatchback.

When was the Honda CB500 manufactured?

The Honda CB500 was manufactured by the car company Honda between the years 1993 and 2003. The naked motorcycle was especially popular for use in riding schools.

Will a 2002 Honda Civic engine fit a Honda Civic 2000?