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No. This is wrong

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โˆ™ 2012-03-18 17:48:24
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Q: Is it true that The Undertaker will announce his new religion as a Muslim?
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Is Muslim the true religion?

Yes. But some people think that it is not true.

How does religion affect an Muslim?

the true Muslim does not get affected by any religion because a true Muslim knows that Islam is the only right religion that ask ppl to worship only one god and follow one book and one prophet and believing in all prophets

What is the job of a true Muslim?

Allah created Muslims so they can learn and embrace his religion. A true Muslim learns the Quran, spreads the word and the religion of Islam, and to have children that grow up to also spread the word of Allah and the religion of Islam.

How can a Muslim be barred from paradise?

Muslim can't be barred from paradise because Muslim is the only true religion in the world if you don't believe in Muslim your the one who is going to the hell. Someday all the world will became Muslim If anyone has a real desire to be a Muslim and has full conviction and strong belief that Islam is the true religion of God, then, all one needs to do is pronounce the "Shahada", the testimony of faith, without further delay. The "Shahada" is the first and most important of the five pillars of Islam. Any religion also the world is make up religion those religion they not going to take to the pradise.

Does anyone like Islam?

Yes I do because it is the true religion and i am a Muslim.

What is haifaa wehbe's religion?

She grew up in a muslim household, but does not hold true to it.

Where and When did the Prophet Muhammad become a Muslim?

Even before Gabriel came to Muhammad to announce to him that he would be the last messenger of God, Muhammad was a monotheist. He was a 'Hanif', which means someone who regects the worship of any other than the One God alone. A 'Muslim' is one who obeys the One God only. By this definition, we call ALL the prophets of God 'Muslim'. All true prophets did only obey and worship the One True God. So Moses was 'Muslim', Jesus was 'Muslim', etc. The idea that Jesus claimed to be God - or the son of God - is a complete lie. No true prophet would ever say that God had a son - the true religion is to believe that the ONLY god is the One God who has no partners AT ALL.

Why do Muslim women pierce their noses?

It is not true. Nothing in Islam religion or even Islam traditions calls Muslim women to pierce their noses. If any Muslim woman, exceptionally, is piercing her nose then it is a matter of following some fashions but not per Islam religion.

Is shahid Kapoor a christian?

no he is a muslim /100% true but a seculr muslim

What is the religion of karina Kapoor?

all i know is that kareena is not a Muslim if it's possible then she is not a true Muslim i think she is a Hindu thanks all the best.

What Must You Do To Become A Full Muslim?

Don't even try to become one of them... because it is not the TRUE religion... Christian is the only true religion... And that's what will take you to heaven and there you can have eternal life....

Is reincarnating true?

Depends what religion you are if youre a Hindu then yes but if your a christian or Muslim or Sikh or any others then no.

Is Muslim an occult?

Islam is a monotheistic religion that believe in Allah as the one true god and Muhammad as his prophet.

What is mesut kurtis's belief?

He follows the religion of peace and truth, i.e. Islam. He is a Muslim. Islam is the only true religion. It is the way of life.

Is it a good thing to be a Muslim?

There is no signal person can be grate person, unless if he is a good Muslim. all the prophet were grate and they were Muslim's, they believed in ALLAH, the one and only Almighty crater of every thing. there is no batter religion in the face of the earth then Islam. Islam is the true religion and it's the only way of life, it's the only religion accepted by ALLAH.

Is it true that there is a phone number listed for the undertaker?

there was a link stating undertaker's phone number listing is this true?

Why do Muslim men wear hats?

It is not true. It is not required per Islam religion for Muslim men to wear hats or even to cover their heads with any thing else.. If some wear hats it is their own choice and preference but has nothing to do with religion requirements.

Can a Muslim girl or boy do a court marriage?

The Muslim girl or boy can do a court marriage, if they want, but after doing the Marriage per religion. The court marriage, if needed, should be as secondary to the marriage per religion and not as replacement to it. If both partners are in a non-Islamic country, they can do this religious marriage in the embassy of the Muslim partner.It should be emphasized that per Islam religion:The Muslim man can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman, andThe Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man (or a man who converted to Islam on true belief in Islam religion)

Is it true that two undertaker exist and one of them was killed by the otherreal undertaker?

Yes. When the Undertaker disappeared, Ted DiBiase brought out a fake Undertaker, but the real Undertaker returned and disposed of the fake one.

Is the death of undertaker true?


Is Kane elder or younger brother of undertaker?

Kane is the young borther of Undertaker. And that is true.

Is it true that two undertaker exist and one of them was killed by real undertaker?

Yes, Ted DiBiase brought out a fake Undertaker, but the real Undertaker showed up and booted him out of the WWF forever.

What is the religion of the french footballer Thierry Henry?

مسلم وللة الحمدالحمد للة هو مسلم وللة الحمدhe is a Muslim thanks to Allah Yes , he is a muslim , Allah is his only god , islam is the true religion

How do you seduce a Muslim man?

If the Muslim man is not having true faith and is not adhering to Islam teachings that forbids him from being in sex with any woman outside marriage per Islam religion, then you can seduce him the same way seducing any man of no religion and of no morals. Be naked in front of him and let him do what he likes with your body.

Is it true undertaker just broke his neck and died?

no its not true its a fable