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Is it true that a ratio is a rate?


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No. It can be but need not be. For example, you might calculate the ratio of today's temperature in Celsius and in Fahrenheit and calculate the ratio. That is not a rate.

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yes because a ratio is a rate so a rate would have to be a ratio

Internal rate of return is a ratio in which

A percent is a ratio, or rate, that compares a number to100

A unit rate is a ratio: it does not have a solution!

The surface area to volume ratio of a cell affects the rate of diffusion in that the higher the ratio, the faster the rate of diffusion. This is a directly proportional relationship.

When the second element of the ratio is 1.

The second term in the ratio is 1.

The rate of compressions is 100/minute. The ratio is 30 compressions to 2 breaths.

the ratio of the distillate mass flow rate to the mass flow rate of the steam used

Yes, although some may be more meaningful than others.

The Gap Ratio is the difference in Rate sensitive Liabilities and Rate sensitive Assets.For Example, If a Bank has $2 Million in Rate sensitive liabilities and $3 Million in Rate sensitive assets, Then its Gap Ratio is 1.5, ($3 Million/$2 Million)

A proportion is an equation in which 2 fractions are set equal. A rate is the ratio of change of two things. Speed is a rate, the ratio of distance to time.

As the surface to volume ratio increases the rate of in exchange increases too.

Yes it is. It is a rate of speed.

The New Compression Rate is 30 compressions for every 2 Breaths. This is for Adult, Child, and Infant True, how ever if you have 2 rescuers then the ratio is 15 compressions the two breaths for infant and children

rate is a ratio that compares two quantities of different units

no it is not a rate because it dosent deal with a ratio

A unit rate is a ratio where the second component is equal to 1.

Jaws ration = Income Growth Rate - Expected Growth Rate

A unit rate is a ratio in which the numerator or denominator is 1 unit.

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