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Is it true that by 2010 all communication net work will fail due to solar radition effect?


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November 27, 2008 1:32PM

Here is a report (PTI) which appeared in a Kannada Daily "Prajavani" published from Bengalooru, dated 29.1.2007, that by 2010 due to powerful Radiation emitted by Sun, worldwide telecommunications, mobile phones and also travelling on sea will come to a complete standstill. As 2010 is approaching, Scientists all over the world are observing through their telescopes regarding the devastating effects that may cause on telecommunications because of the powerful Solar Radiation. In the International conference on `SOLAR CYCLE 24- CHALLENGES' held at the Physics Research Laboratory, American Scientist Marques Ashwandan has reveled that the powerful Solar Radiations emitted from Sun will travel towards the Earth and affect the Mobile and Sea travel system. Due to the Powerful Solar Radiations whcih destroyed the satalite `GALAXY 4', during 1998 pager system and many more telecommunications systems in America was cut off. The reason for this is the satalites stationed in the space. If the arrangement still continue, telecommunications around the world will come to standstill. Telephones, Radio, Bank tranisactions, Dailies, Credit card systems are being assisted by these satalites, these things will also be affected he said.