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To put it simply, calico cats are caused by the random conversion during embyronic development of X chromosomes into Barr bodies. When you have a female cat, you have two X chromosomes (XX). When the female cat embryo is a morula (earliest recognizable embryo), each cell in the embryo randomly inactivates one X chromosome and passes this inactivation onto daughter cells in the same line. This is what allows for the spotted appearance of calico cats, as we are assuming momma kitty and papa kitty had different coat colors transferred to the embryo through the X chromosome. This random inactivation is also why females are typically not color blind. Color blindness is caused by an inability to perceive certain colors due to a deficient protein that has its DNA inside the X chromosome. Females have two X chromosomes, and one of them is randomly selected to be used in the development of each focal area of the eye. If the female had a color blind father, this means each eye would be roughly half color blind, and since half is enough to perceive color well, unaffected. A female could indeed be color blind if she received "bad genes" from her mother as well, but it's a much rarer circumstance.

You do not see the calico patterns with a normal male (XY) cat because the X chromosome does not become inactivated in male animals. However, cats are susceptible to the same genetic disease we are. In one particular disease, two cells fail to separate their X chromosomes during Meiosis (an event called Nondisjunction). This cat hence receives two X chromosomes from mom, and say in the case of a male, a Y from dad. This cat's resultant genotype is XXY and the cat has Klinfelter's Syndrome. The cat appears male (i.e. has a male phenotype) but he really has two X chromosomes. This tends to be why male calico cats are much rarer and are also sterile

To make things simple its very rare to have a male calico cat. And yes male calico cats are sterile. A regular female cat has XX chromosomes and a regular male cat as XY chromosomes. A male calico cat would have XXY chromosomes which in human form this would be called Klinefelter's syndrome. Which makes the male calico cat sterile.

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Q: Is it true that calico cats can only be female?
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How do you tell if your calico kitten is male?

It's not. True calico cats can only be female.

Is it possible for the calico cats to breed true?

no , only females are calicos

Is it true that yellow cats can only be male?

No. Female cats can be yellow also. I have 5 of them.

Is it true that one color cats are only male?

NO! one color cats are also female!

Is it true that all calico cats are females?

No, it is not true that all calico cats are female, buy a very high percentage is. The calico color comes from the females having 2 X genes. One X has one color and one has a different color making the black and tan part of the coloring. Males have only one X so they would be either black or tan/orange. There are rare cases however where the male is XXY. Since it has 2 X chromosomes it has both colors and thus can be a calico. XXY is a genetic defect so it is rare, but it does happen and that's how a male calico is formed.

How often are male calico cats born and live?

From what I understand calico cats are all female. There are no male calico cats.thats not completely true ..male calico cats are born very rarely about 1-3000 calico cat births..they are always sterile so they are not worth any money..Actually, a few male calico/tortoiseshell cats arefertile. They are more likely the result of mosaicism rather than an XXY chromosomal anomaly, which causes infertility. Whatever the cause, though, they still aren't particularly valuable, because neither a chromosomal anomaly or a developmental anomaly like mosaicism is a genetic trait that can be passed on to their offspring.

What if your cat is two colors is he a calico?

Not necessarily. A calico cat is only female, due to genetics, while all tabby cats are males. A calico is typically white with orange and black patches in its pelt. Well that is not quite true. Most tabby cats are male and most calicos and tortoiseshells are females, but not all of them. They are very rare, but they do exist. Also, calicos of any gender must be orange, white, and black, or ginger, cream, and gray, in distinct patches.

Is it true that tortoiseshell cats can only be female?

There are male tortoise shells, but they're rare. The coat pattern required for a tortoise shell is mainly found in female cats though.

Is it true that only male cats can be ginger?

Ginger is a root, what do you mean? You mean the color? I have seen plenty of female cats who are beige just like ginger. So the answer is no, it is not true. This cat's name is Glitterheart and she is a female:

Is it true that only Siamese cats can bear calico kittens and please explain why or why not?

no that is not true calico kittens can be born to just about any breed of cat. I myself have two calicoes, their mother was a black/orange tortie and the father a orange longhair tabby. also in the litter was a two black and white males and an orange tabby male.

Why do female cats who are fixed disappear suddenly?

I don't think this is true! Female spayed cats are not more likely to disappear. Unneutered male cats are more likely to stray.

If you have a male calico cat where could you sell it?

There is no such thing as a male calico cat unless it has a birth mark some where that makes its skin one different color somewhere on a two toned cat then it would be a two toned cat with a birth mark that makes it look calico. All three colored cats are females. No ands ors or buts about it. Dear Prof Rowan, You are incorrect, while male calico's are rare they do occur. The color gene for calico's occur on the X gene, XXY males exist and can be calico. I have seen male calico's, not bicolored male cats with a "birthmark" but tricolored multi patched true calico's. yeah so where you sell um you didnt help at all

Why are female cats dominant when sharing food?

that's not always true in fact my cat (male) eats my sisters cats (female) food either way it's very agressif behavior so if you have cats that do this stop it!

Is it true that two colored cats are always male cats?

I don't have a scientific answer for you, but I have a female cat with gold and tiger orange fur, so I would say no. Hope this was helpful. :) --- No, two coloured cats can be male or female.

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Is that true that only female mosquitos bite?


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Why are all calico cats all girls?

it is in the genes, actually the proper term is Tortoise-shell (sometimes written as one word, tortoiseshell ) cats are all females. This is true, it is genetic, some other animals have sharp differences in color scheme - a female cardinal is grey or brownish- among the avis- birds- not car-rental agencies (we try harder!) Another answer: Male cats carry their color on one chromosome. Female cats carry their color on two chromosomes. One of the female chromosomes turns off during part of her development while the other turns on and then that one turns off while the other turns on. Having one on and then the other changes the color.

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