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It certainly won't do you any harm, though Dark Chocolate is better for you.

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Q: Is it true that eating a small piece of chocolate like a Hershey's kiss a day is healthy?
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Is white or dark chocolate healthy?

White chocolate is very unhealthy. But dark chocolate is very good for you if you have a small piece every day.

How many calories in a mini Hersheys milk chocolate?

Ther very mini bar (1 piece) is 25 calories. The small bar (4 pieces) is 90 calories.

How many calories in a single piece of milk chocolate?

That depends on the brand of chocolate you're eating :) Take the number of calories found on the back of the wrapper, and divide that by the number of pieces.

How many calories in a piece of chocolate?

50 calories for a bite-sized piece of chocolate.

Why do you fall into a drugged like sleep after eating mostly after even the smallest piece of chocolate?

because chocolate has a ton of sugar and other things that it wears your body down and after that little piece you will most likely feel like your gonna pass out on the floor

What is a small piece of chocolate called?

A "pip" of chocolate

What is the name for a small round piece of chocolate?

a chocolate button?

What forms of energy are in a piece of chocolate?

Chemical energy is in chocolate.

How do you use ecstasy in a sentence?

My wife was in ecstasy after eating a piece of her favorite dark chocolate. OR The charges brought against the defendant are possession of the narcotic ecstasy.

How often should I eat dark chocolate?

A piece of dark chocolate a day - a very small piece - keeps the doctoraway

How do you get a piece of chocolate?

from a friend or the store

What is a piece of something as in a chocolate?


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